Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu Reborn (Dragon Ball Z Kakarot)

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Note: This Article will primary talk about the Buu Saga from the 2020 Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 4 game, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, for the Anime version, click here.

Even in its game counterpart, the Buu Saga sucks.

Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu Reborn is a Story Segment of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It is a segment that centers around Goku and his friends' efforts to stop a powerful wizard named Babidi from unleashing a mystical monster called Majin Buu. It takes place seven years after the events of the Cell Saga, and is the fourth/final story segment of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Much like its Anime Counter-Part, Makin Buu Reborn is widely considered as the weakest segment in the game.


Similar to its Anime Counter-Part, Majin Buu Reborn takes place seven years after the battle against Cell, the now-teenaged Gohan begins attending high school and even befriends Mr. Satan's daughter Videl. However, when a sinister wizard named Babidi plans on unleashing a powerful monster named Majin Buu, the Z-Fighters are forced to temporarily revive the deceased Goku in order to stop him and save the world.

Why This Story Segment Sucks

  1. It shares most (if not all) of the issues that its Anime Counter-Part had, from its story still having it frustrating moments/writing, some negative character changes to its plot-holes.
  2. EXTREMELY Wasted Opportunities: Seeing as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot makes many writing changes in its story previously, there could have made many changes to the Buu Saga to make it better, yet it fails to do the fallowing.
    1. The Z-Fighters (with the exception of Gohan) still just stand there and watch as Spopovich beats Videl to within an inch of her life.
    2. Spopovich (and including Yamu)still gets defeated by someone else rather then Gohan.
      1. To make matters even worst, they get defeated off-screen, so Players won't get the satisfaction of seeing Spopvich defeated after what he did to Videl.
    3. Gotenks still decides to show off and pretend that he can't defeat Buu, which results in Piccolo panicking and destroying the exit to the Room of Spirit and Time.
  3. The pacing in Majin Buu Reborn, when compare to the previous three Story Segments, is absolutely terrible (much like its Anime Counter-Part), much like the previous Story Segments, the Majin Buu Reborn is around 5 to 6 hours long, but in game, most of the game is nothing but four to five hours of cutscenes, so that means that only 1 to 2 hours is gameplay.
  4. Android 18 barely has any impact to the story unlike her Anime Counter-Part in the anime version of the Buu Saga.
  5. Majin Buu Reborn somewhat as fewer bosses then the previous game segments, as there are only eight bosses in total, with the last three being agents Super Buu/Kid Buu.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It does make a few design changes in its story that makes it slightly better.
    1. The innuendo joke with Chi-Chi and Videl has been slightly altered, making it even more funny then it is.
    2. Videl's beat down from Spopovich is nowhere NEAR as brutal and/or graphical as it was in the Anime Counter-Part.
  2. The OSTs for Majin Buu Reborn is exelent, with the second phase of the final battle being the best one.
  3. Much like the previous segments, its bosses are fantastic, and much like its Anime Counter-part, Goku's and Vegeta's final battle agents Kid Buu is pure epic.
  4. This Segment unlocks new Super Forms for both Gohan and Goku.