Duriel (Diablo II)

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"Looking for Baal?"/ <character> was slain by Duriel

Duriel is the Act II boss in Diablo II. Despite being the 2nd boss, he is considered the hardest, but for cheap reasons.

Why He Sucks as a Boss

  1. You're trapped in a small room with no way to exit unless you use a Scroll of Town Portal, which you may not always have.
  2. If you load a game on Nightmare/Hell difficulty and want back to Normal difficulty, guess what? Because the quest has been completed, it doesn't tell in which Tomb of Tal Rasha the Chamber is. Meaning you have to find it by checking the Tombs till you find it.
  3. The Holy Freeze slows you down a lot and Cannot be Frozen/Thawing Potion don't help. This wouldn't be a problem is WHSaaB #4 wasn't a thing.
  4. Despite Duriel's size, he's very fast.
  5. The rewards are terrible, when compared to other bosses or even normal monsters. One guy got only a Scroll of Town Portal.
  6. Duriel also deals very high damage.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He's alright as a character.
  2. If you want to beat him again, you will have much more room. But because of the bad rewards, it's highly unlikely someone wants to beat him again.