Earth Dragon (Sonic and the Black Knight)

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Not as hard as another fight in Sonic and the Black Knight, but still pretty underwhelming.

The Earth Dragon is a large dragon and boss fight in Sonic And The Black Knight, he is the main boss of Dragon cave and is overall the seventh/penultimate boss of game. The fight is infamous for its qualities.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unlike the previous bosses before and after the Earth Dragon, before you even reach the fight, you (as any of the player characters) have go through a very cheap platforming segment with rapidly crumbling floors and is impossible to get through if you're using everyone else but Sonic or Knuckles.
  2. In phase 1, you have to dodge large fireballs shot by the Earth Dragon and to make matters worse they're unblockable!
  3. After you (As any of the player characters) slashed the Earth Dragon's horn, phase 2 begins. The Earth Dragon will summon enemies and shot spread shot fireballs, all of which are very annoying to dodge.
  4. Phase 3 is where the battle is at its worst. The Earth Dragon will be using enemies and both kinds of fireballs creating a ginormous mess that is hard to get through.
  5. The Earth Dragon has a lot of HP, so this will be a long battle.
  6. You can slash at a nearby pillar in order for it to fall and crush the Earth Dragon's head to end the fight quicker, but there is no indication that you were supposed to do that.
  7. Complete wasted potential: The idea of making a dragon the penultimate boss was a fantastic idea, and could have ultrize some creative aspects in a dragon battle, but instead it's nothing more than a bullet hell game.
    1. To add further salt to the wound, there was a boss battle agents the Misty Lake Dragon in the intro level, and it was far better than this.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome Music.
  2. The Earth Dragon has a really awesome design.
  3. The Platforming segment is much easier with sonic.
  4. It has a good call back to Biohazard from Sonic Adventure 2.


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