Egg Dealer (Shadow the Hedgehog)

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"You made one of the coolest concepts one of the dumbest things you've ever made, you stupid asshole!"" Charriii5 about the Egg Dealer

Egg Dealer (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Not exactly Eggman's "finest creation yet".
Type: Boss
Appearance: mh:crappygames:Shadow the Hedgehog
Franchise: Sonic the Hedgehog

The Egg Dealer is one of the final bosses for the endings of mh:crappygames:Shadow the Hedgehog. It's a four legged robot, based off of a slot machine. and is piloted by Doctor Eggman and used against Shadow. This boss can be accessed by completing either mission of Lava Shelter (Neutral), the Hero mission of Black Comet (Semi-Dark) or the Dark mission of Cosmic Fall (Semi-Hero). This boss is well-known by fans for its stupid easiness & questionable choices.

Why It Sucks

  1. You (as Shadow) have to trigger the slots before Eggman does, which is not as hard as you might think.
  2. What's probably the most infamous part, is how you (as Shadow) battle the Egg Dealer: every time you (as Him) damage it, a slot located of the near top right of the screen will stop. When you trigger all three of the same slots, Eggman will either hurt himself, give Shadow rings, or grant you Chaos Blast. Why on Earth Eggman would implement a feature that grants Shadow Chaos Blast is beyond anybody's guess.
  3. When Eggman attacks, his attacks are easy to avoid.
  4. If you are down to your last life, the Egg Dealer hits itself at the very start of the fight as if he wasn't easy enough.
  5. The fact that Eggman considers this to be his "finest creation yet". Upon fighting this mech, we won't blame you for thinking it is anything but. It really makes you question if Eggman is as smart as he claims, let alone having an IQ of 300.
  6. Even if Shadow teams up with Dr. Eggman in the Dark mission of Lava Shelter, he betrays Eggman for no reason and is still forced to fight him.
  7. In nearly all fights, Shadow ends up killing Dr. Eggman.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eggman isn't constantly repeating the same phrases over and over like he does in other fights.
  2. The Egg Dealer's design is actually pretty neat. While FAR from perfect, the idea of a boss based off of a slot machine is pretty cool. In fact, some bosses previously and so forth have also done this.
  3. The Cosmic Fall battle is the only one where Shadow spares Dr. Eggman's life.
  4. Nice theme song.