Egg Emperor (Sonic Heroes)

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That is real evil right there.

The Egg Emperor is a creation of Dr. Eggman (SPOILER ALERT: it's actually piloted by Metal Sonic in the shape of the doctor) and boss fight in Sonic Heroes. It's the main boss of Final Fortress, the fourteenth and final main level in all four teams' story, the seventh and final boss in each of the four teams’ stories, and overall the seventh and penultimate boss in the game.

While debatably not as frustrating as Robot Carnival and Robot Storm, it achieved a terrible reputation with fans based on its qualities.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Egg Emperor is fast when you chase him, and considering all of the under, you will play catch up most of the fight.
  2. Despite being the final boss of the four teams' stories and the penultimate boss as a whole, it doesn't have much in the way of attacks (Mind you, the Egg Albatross, the fourth boss, has more attacks than that), but it more than makes up for it by being excruciating to avoid:
    • Energy waves shot from its swiping lance, leaving you very little room to move.
    • If you're way behind, the Egg Emperor will charge at you (as any of the teams). This is only avoidable by punching it as the Power Type or the speed class' rocket acceleration with perfect timing.
    • The missiles can home in on any of the teams, so it's ill-advised to use the Flight characters.
    • A shield that can block attacks. Its HP can be depleted, but only gets stunned for so long before functioning again.
    • Also, trying to get your rings back before they disappear is suicidal because you'll likely get charged by the time you take them back.
  3. Just like with Robot Carnival and Robot Storm, Eggman NEVER shuts his mouth; laughing whenever he fires the missiles, yelling "CHARGE!" each time it charges, and saying “Take th-Take this! Take th-Take this!” every time he swipes the beams. Trust us, he will get annoying very quick.
  4. The level itself is plagued by cannons shooting missles your way, which can clutter up the fight along with its attacks, giving you less room to maneuver.
  5. The stage has two platforms and a circular platform, each one separated by a bottomless pit requiring jump panels or a specific combination gimmick to cross over, the spawning enemies leaving you no room to move by then.
  6. The Egg Emperor has a lot of HP (145), and high defenses even Team Blast does little damage.
  7. There are cores for your team hidden in balloons, and requires a formation. Speed Type must Tornado Jump around a pole on the circular platform, Flight Type must go through a mid-air booster and Power Type must punch a prop launching them in the air, all susceptible to cheap hits & falling down a bottomless pit. Speed is especially nasty because you're highly susceptible to getting charged down the pit by the faulty collision detection.
  8. Similar to Robot Storm, the game has a target for Power Types, which could be problematic by the game's glitch-prone nature making you fall by accident.
  9. Abusing the Flight Type's busted Thunder Shot ability not only stuns the shield in no time, you can also cheese your way to victory in less than two minutes with it!
  10. Just like every other boss in the game, you have to fight it four times, once with each team.
  11. Very improperly unbalanced difficulty. On the one hand, it can get way too hard for first-timers, but on the other hand, figure out its tricks and the Thunder Shot exploit and you can end this fight quickly. This is pitiful considering its status in the game.
  12. Long story short, it has SNK Boss Syndrome. In a high-octane platform game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Egg Emperor’s design is very cool.
  2. The arena is rather nice.
  3. Its theme is very good.
  4. The Egg Emperor later returned in Sonic Generations on 3DS, and its battle is better in that game.


Just like with the other boss fights, and Robot Carnival and Robot Storm in general, the tips are the same:

  1. Be sure to have your team at full level.
  2. Use Team Blast when necessary.
  3. Bring numerous lives with you.