Egg Libra (Sonic Rush)

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The Egg Libra is the boss of the night carnival in Sonic Rush. This boss has been panned by players due to its qualities

Why It Sucks

  1. The Egg Libra has a very lame design as it is based of a scale.
  2. After dealing enough hits the spike ball will become shrouded in electricity preventing you from hitting it.
  3. The Egg Libra also has an annoying shockwave attack.
  4. The Egg Libra will also begin to move faster as the fight progresses making it even more annoying.
  5. Like with all of the other bosses in the game Tails and Cream annoyingly cheer you on whenever you do something, like hit Eggman Nega or get hit by him.
  6. To make matters worse you fight this boss TWICE, as both Sonic and Blaze, and the boss plays out the exact same way for both of them.


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