Black Eagle (Gravity Rush 2)

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Black Eagle is the twelfth episode of the 2017 game Gravity Rush 2. It is considered by the fans to be not only the hardest mission in the game, but also the worst part of the game.

NOTE: this level isn't bad simply for being hard. It is bad because it is hard for the wrong reasons.

Why It Sucks

  1. The episode takes place inside the Lost City, which brings the game's biggest problems to light. Design-wise, it is nothing more than a series of hallways with 90 degree turns.
  2. Jagged environment, making it very easy to lose control of Kat, get caught on the geometry, or even get launched into the air while sliding.
  3. The camera here is just terrible due to the tight and enclosed environment. It proves that the camera was not designed for this kind of level.
  4. Becuase of the general layout of the level, it is very easy to lose your co-ordination, and head the wrong way.
  5. Kat gets Jupiter Style in this episode, but it is rather cumbersome because it increases Kat's body mass. Once you find it however, you are stuck with it for the remainder of the episode.
  6. It can be hard to see where the enemies are at times, which can lead to taking a cheap-shot from an off-screen enemy.
  7. Progression is sluggish due to the presence of mysterious tablets that require the player to defeat all the enemies in the room before moving on. With enemies showing up in large numbers, this can be very tedious (note: it was fine for Episode 9 because the level was open and enemy numbers were kept relatively small).
  8. Completing the episode doesn't feel rewarding or satisfying; you'll just be relieved that it's over!
  9. There is a chance that you will be separated from Raven early on, but you need her to help break through a wall. If this happens, it becomes impossible to progress.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As cumbersome as it is, you unlock Jupiter style after this, and it does have its uses later on.
  2. Raven accompanies you for the duration of the episode, which makes dealing with enemies less strenuous.
  3. The Gravity Engine boss fight at the end is pretty good, and it even has one of the best boss themes in the game.
  4. The chances of being separated from Raven are very small, and the issue can be fixed by simply reloading your save, and the checkpoint isn't very far away.