Eris is a planet on Warframe, which can be accessed by completing the Eris Junction on Pluto. All of its levels includes Infested.

Why it Sucks

  1. Most of its nodes features the Infested Ship tileset, which is the most confusing tileset on Warframe. In fact, most of the markers are slightly imprecise, sometimes.
  2. Althought it features two assassination missions, they're locked by a specific mean. Mutalist Alad V requires a Key, while Jordas Golem requires the mission "The Jordas Precept" to be completed.
  3. The planet has Axi Fissures, which is the highest tier of Relics. Problem is, Axi relics are also the rarest, requiring to play a mission for longer to be obtained compared to other relics, and enemies spawns at level 30-45.
  4. The tileset suffers from atmospheric decompression, which cannot be removed (unlike the corpus ships). Even worse, extraction points are put on parts that are exposed.
  5. Atlas, Mesa and Nidus's parts can only be obtained in this planet, and respectively by defeating Jordas Golem, defeating Mutalist Alad V, and at Rotation C of Infested Salvage. However, there are problems with this:
    1. Nidus's parts drops at Rotation C, which is after two A and a B rotation. Even worse, Nidus's parts has the same drop rate as relatively useless drops like 80 Endo, Metal Auger, Vital Sense and Stretch, 14.29%.
    2. Atlas's parts drops by defeating Jordas Golem. Problem is, you cannot fight Jordas Golem until the completion of "The Jordas Precept"; furthermore, the Jordas Golem is a nightmare for newer players that aren't well equipped (also, archwing being largely ignored in the game encourages a player to forget about this boss fight and Atlas in general). In fact, the quest that unlocks this assassination got its own page.
    3. Mesa's parts can only be obtained by defeating Mutalist Alad V. However, you require Mutalist Nav Coordinates (which are on Derelict defense/survival node, on rare Rotation C from Hive Sabotage's resource cache, and as a reward from infested's invasion to build a Mutalist Assassination Key, which is a reward for completing "Patient Zero".
  6. Despite the planet saying that the planet is surrounded by Grineer and Corpus ships, you only go on infested corpus ships.
  7. Hive Sabotage mission's resource caches are difficult to find (unless you have a mod like Animal Instinct), and they're the only way to get High Voltage and Shell Shock, two of the dual stat mods for respectively rifles and shotguns.
    • If you where expecting Jolt and Voltaic Strike, the dual stats mod for respectively the pistol and melee weapons, you get them as a random item that Baro Ki'Teer will sell.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eris is a good place to farm Juggernauts, which helps if a player gets them as a requirement for Sand of Inaros's quest or The Jordas Precept.
  2. Despite being the worst and confusionary tileset, the Infested Tileset is pretty good looking.
  3. Unlike the other planets, Eris has two assassination targets.
    • Even better, the two assassination targets are optional to do, and aren't required to any junction.
  4. It has the parts of Mesa, Atlas and Nidus, three of the end-game Warframes.
    • Nidus is even better, due to its passive ability.
  5. It features the Hive Sabotage and Salvage Infested Missions, which are pretty decent and unique.
  6. It has Neurodes as a rare resource, which can be useful, if you intend to farm there.
  7. Has one of the best Axi Relic farming spot in the game, the mission Xini, which is an Interception mission.
    • Compared to most other missions in the Starmap, that require 4 rotations (aka reach the 4th reward) to get an Axi relic, Xini only requires 3, and both that and the 4th reward are always guaranteed to be Axi relics (unlike other missions where it's not guaranteed)
    • Xini also shares the trait with Berehynia and Cerberus (respectively from Sedna and Pluto) for being an interception mission, but because the units are infested, it's much easier to deal with them, due to their lack of shield and armor, unlike Grineer and Corpus.