Espresso-2-Go! (Grand Theft Auto III)

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    Espresso-2-Go! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to the protagonist Claude by the new Yakuza leader Asuka Kasen. It's not only considered to be one of the hardest missions in GTA III, but also in the entire GTA franchise.


    After having some effort put into torturing Miguel, Asuka learns that the Colombian Cartel has been using coffee stands scattered throughout Liberty City to sell SPANK. Claude was ordered to destroy every coffee stand before the Colombians warn their pushers.

    Why It Sucks

    1. You are given only 8 minutes to drive around Liberty City and destroy 9 espresso stands. You have to know Liberty City's map like the back of your hand because if you get lost, you'll be better off restarting the mission.
    2. The coffee stands are not pinpointed on the map, forcing you to locate them yourself. Thankfully, the spawn locations of the stands are fixed and can be memorized through trial-and-error.
    3. Earlier versions of the game lack a mini-map, which makes navigating the city even more complicated.
    4. One stand is located in Saint Mark's, which is Mafia territory, where they're hostile towards Claude for assassinating their Don. Worst of all, unless you're in a bulletproof vehicle, their shotguns can tear your vehicle apart easily.
    5. While point 3 can be solved by bringing a Rhino tank, Phil's bulletproof Barracks OL or Ray's bulletproof Patriot, none of the vehicles have crash immunity and it's inevitable to take some damage on the way there.
    6. If you destroy the first stand located in Shoreside Vale (either west of Shoreside Lift Bridge at Francis International Airport or at the Hope Medical College in Pike Creek), two Cartel members will be sent to intercept you.

    The One Redeeming Quality

    1. The mission is so difficult that Rockstar tuned down its difficulty on newer versions of GTA III. Now Leon Family goons wield Micro-Uzis and other gang members will attack Cartel members as well.

    Tips and Tricks

    1. It is strongly recommended to start on either Portland or Shoreside Vale and move left to right and vice versa as having to traverse back and forth from Staunton Island will waste precious time.
    2. In the mobile version, as well as the Definitive Edition, you can look at the map to see which coffee stands are left standing.
    3. The timer won't start until the player destroys a stall, and a stall's location will permanently show once the player discovers it.
    4. Besides crushing the stands with your vehicle, you can also blow them up with a rocket launcher. This can reduce the risk of lowering your vehicle's health for fighting with well armed Cartel goons and hostile gangsters.
    5. Use a bulletproof vehicle to minimize damage. There are tons of hidden vehicles that combine it and melee immunity, making it drastically easier.