Evice (Pokémon Colosseum)

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If you all thought Ghetsis was brutal, well think again because THIS guy is the percussive to him.

Evice is the hidden main antagonist and final boss of Pokémon Colosseum. He is the criminal mastermind behind Cipher's activities in Orre, who then disguises himself as the Mayor of Phenac City under the name of Es Cade.

Since his introduction, Evice has been infamous among Pokemon fans for his high difficulty (which coming from one of the hardest games in the series, that's not saying much), and is often considered as one of the (if not one of the) hardest bosses in the entire Pokémon series, even more so than Pokemon Black and White's main antagonist Ghetsis.

Why He Sucks

  1. For one thing, Es Cade being the main villain is a very Shoe-Horn in moment as it never gets revealed until near in the end of the game, so it's a Big-Lip-Alligator moment. Not to mention there was absolutely zero foreshadowing to him being connected to Cipher since the game hyped up Nascour as the main villain due to his presence throughout the story.
  2. All of Evice's Pokémon are level 60 to 61, which is an insane level jump compared to Nascour's team which are in their mid-50s.
  3. All of Evice's Pokémon has one of the four fallowing moves, all of which are very devastating.
    1. Earthquake: A Ground-Type Physical move that is shared by Machamp and Slaking, this attack can cause huge damage, does double damage to a Pokémon that use's the move Dig and hit both Pokémon, as well as be a threat for Fire, Rock, Electric, Steel and Poison-Type Pokémon.
    2. Bulk Up is a Fighting-Type Status move that is also shared by Machamp and Slaking, which can increases the Physical attack and Defense state on a Pokémon.
    3. Aerial Ace, a Flying-Type Physical move that Slaking and Salamence have, which not only can it counter Fighting, Grass and Bug-Type Pokémon, but it also never misses.
    4. Rock Slide: A Rock-Type Physical move that is shared by Machamp and Tyranitar, which can not only it hit Pokémon with the move Fly, have a 30% chance to make that Pokémon flinch as well as hit both Pokémon, but is also a threat for Ice, Fire, Bug and Flying-Type Pokémon.
  4. Evice has six Pokémon, all of which are extremely dangious and are utterly brutal:
    1. The first Pokémon Evice has is Slowking, who while not a big threat, has the ability Own Tempo, which prevents it from being confused and can not have its Attack State lowered, and in addition to that, Slowking also has the fallowing moves, which include:
      1. Psychic, a Psychic-type Special move which has a chance to lower the Pokémons' Special Defense, as well as spell doom for Fighting and Poison-Type Pokémon.
      2. Water Pulse: A Water-Type Special Move, not only a counter for Fire, Rock and Ground-Type Pokémon, but also has a chance to confuse that Pokémon.
      3. Shadow Ball is a Ghost-Type Special Move that not only does it also have a chance to lower the Pokémons' Special Defense, but is also a counter for Psychic and Ghost-Type.
      4. Skill Swap is a Psychic-Type Status move that swaps skill, it doesn't sound like much, but it becomes an infamous part soon.
    2. The second of Evice's Pokémon is Scizor, who only has one weakness to Fire-Types as well as have the ability swarm, which buffs up her attack stat if her health is one-third or less, her move sets are:
      1. Metal Claw: A Steel-Type Physical move that has a chance to rise Scizor's Physical Attack Stat, as well as counters Ice and Rock-type Pokémon.
      2. Silver Wind is a Bug-Type Special Move that arguable the most dangious, in addition to being a threat for Psychic and Dark-Type Pokémon, it also has a 10% chance of raising her Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by one stage each.
      3. Swords Dance is a Normal-Type Status move that rise' Scizor's Attack State.
      4. Baton Pass is a Normal Type Status move that swaps Scizor to another Pokémon and gives Scizor's states to that Pokémon that she switch back too.
    3. The third Pokémon in Evice's team is Machamp, a very powerful Fighting-Type Pokémon with the ability Guts, which doubles his attack stats by 1.5. if hit with a Status Condition, and in addition to having Bulk Up, Earthquake and Rock Slide, he also has:
      1. Cross Chop: An extremely powerful Fighting-Type Physical Move that has a high chance to infect Critic Hits, as well as be dangious counter for Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel and Dark-Type Pokémon
    4. The forth Pokémon member in Evice's Team is Salamance, a powerful Pseudo-legendary Pokémon with the ability Intimidate, which lowers the Attack State of the Pokémon, and in addition to having Aerial Ace, he also as the fallowing moves:
      1. Dragon Dance is a Dragon-Type Status move that increases Salamance' Attack and Speed State.
      2. Dragon Claw: A Dragon-Type Physical Move that counters other Dragon-Type Pokémon.
      3. Double-Edge, a powerful Normal-Type Physical Move that does high damage, tho it does Recoil Damage.
    5. The fifth Pokémon in Evice's Team is Slaking, an extremely powerful Pokémon with a base state total of 670, and in additional to having Bulk-Up, Earthquake and Aerial Ace, he also has:
      1. Crush Claw: A Normal-Type Physical Move that has a chance to lower the Pokémons' Defenses.
    6. The sixth and final member in Evice's team is Tyranitar, another extremely strong Pseudo-legendary Pokémon who is a Shadow Pokémon with the ability Sand Storm, which deals damage to all other Pokémon, while it has the lowest level of being only at level 55+, in addition to having Rock Slide, it has two Special Moves and one Physical Move that are brutal, these include
      1. Thunder: An extremely powerful Electric-Type Special Move that not only does it spell trouble for Water and/or Flying-Type Pokémon, as well as have the ability to hit Pokémon that use the move Fly, but it also has a chance to Paralyze the Pokémon.
      2. Blizzard, which is an Ice-Type Special Move that has a chance to freeze the Pokémon, as well as be a huge threat to Ground, Grass, Flying and Dragon-Type Pokémon.
      3. Shadow Rush is a Shadow Move that does high damage, but also does Recoil Damage to Tyranitar, which can be a problem if Players are attempt to catching it.
  5. A dangious Pokémon combo that Evice can preform is Slaking and Slowking, he can have Slowking use Skill Swap on the Slaking, which not only does it give him an inhumanity to being confused, but it also removes Slaking's Trunt Ability, which allows Slaking (a Pokémon with the 670 Attack State) to attack every other turn.
  6. Evice has Attack-State boosting items that he can use on his Pokémon to make them hit even harder, and considering that five out of the six members of his team are Physical Attackers, that make things even worst.
  7. Much like the previous bosses, Evice also has many Healing Items, so he can heal up any one of his Pokémon.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. If you lose to Evice, you won't restart back from the first battle.
  2. Evice's battle theme is amazing.


  • Top Ten Youtuber ItionoBen place Evice #2 in his "Top 9 Least Favorite Pokemon Boss Battles", due to Evice's forced presentation in the story and frustrating battle he has endured and kept losing back when he was Eight-Years-Old when he first starting Pokémon Colosseum, which frustrated him to the point that he gave up and went on to other Pokémon games, ItionoBen was able to beat Evice after watching Chuggaaconroy's Lets Play of Pokémon Colosseum when he was 16-Years-Old, there for, it took him over 8 years to final beat Pokémon Colosseum.