Fantina (Pokémon Platinum)

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Note: This list will primary talk about the battle with Fantina in Pokémon Platinum

Why did they made the first of the second half of Gym Leaders the THIRD Gym Leader in this version?

Fantina is a character in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, its extended version Pokémon Platinum, and its remakes, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and boss fight in both games, in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl she is the fifth Gym Leader and is overall the tenth boss of the game, while in Pokémon Platinum Fantina is the third Gym Leader and is overall the seventh boss of the game.

While the battle with Fantina in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl has been considered decent, the battle with Fantina in Pokémon Platinum however has been infamous for her high difficulty, and has often considered as the hardest boss in the game.

Why She Sucks

  1. Fantina's character could be considered annoying to some fans.
  2. Fantina is a Gym Leader who Specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon, which are only weak to Ghost and Dark-types.
    • While you can get good Ghost-type Pokémon, they are weak to themselves, so if your Ghost-type Pokémon doesn't outspeed Fantina's Pokémon.....your in trouble.
    • While Dark-type Pokémon are the best option, they are very hard to find, and at this point in the game, the only two Dark-types that you can get are Umbreon, who evolves though happiness, and a Murkrow, who is obtained though trading.
  3. For some strange and very bizarre reason, Fantina has moved from being the fifth Gym Leader to now being in the third Gym Leader.
  4. All of Fantina's Pokémon have the Ability Levitate, meaning that they can not be hit by Ground-Type moves.
  5. Two of Fantina's Pokémon carries a status move that can be annoying.
    • Confuse Ray: A Ghost-type Status Move that makes it so that your Pokémon does not get a hit and will hit itself in confusing.
  6. Fantina has three Pokémon, all three of which are a pain to deal with.
    • The first Pokémon is Duskull, who's not too annoying, but can be a pain due to its bulk and having a selection of moves that can be troublesome.
      • Pursuit: A Dark-type Physical move that can do major damage to the Pokémon that is switching out, and is a threat to Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon.
      • Shadow Sneak is a Ghost-type Physical move, and not only can it counter Psychic and Ghost-types, but its also a move that let's Duskull go first.
      • Future Sight, which is a Psychic-type Special Move can do high damage to a Pokémon after charging up in one turn.
      • Will-O-Wisp is a Fire-type Status move that will infect the Burn Status, which not only damages the Pokémon every turn, but it also weakens Physical moves, which can be problematic if a Pokémon has a Dark-type Physical move.
    • The second Pokémon that Fantina has is Haunter, who is not only annoying due to it being fast, but in addition to having Confuse Ray, it also has three other moves that makes it even more of a pain to deal with.
      • Hypnosis is a Psychic-type Status move that will put the Pokémon to sleep.
      • Sucker Punch, which is a very powerful Dark-type Physical move, which not only lets Hunter attack first if the Player goes for an attacking move , but is also a threat for Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon.
      • Shadow Claw: A powerful Ghost-type move that not only can it be a dangerous threat for Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon, but it also has a high Critical-Hit chance.
    • The third and final Pokémon in Fantina's team however is the most infamous, Mismagius, who has high status, and in addition to having Confuse Ray, it also has a selection of moves such as:
      • Magical Leaf is a Grass-type Special move that not only counters Rock, Ground and Water-type Pokémon, but its also a move that never misses.
      • Psybeam, which is a Psychic-type Special move, can cause the Confusion status, as well as be a counter for Fighting and Poison-type Pokémon.
      • Shadow Ball: An extremely powerful Ghost-type move, which is probably the most infamous part, not only can it counter Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon, but it can also lower the Pokémons' Special Deference.
  7. Much like the other Gym Leaders, Fantina has Super Potions, meaning that she can heal her own Pokémon.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. After you beat Fantina, you get the Shadow Claw TM, which is a very good move to use.
  2. Thankfully in the Sinnoh Remakes (Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl) She was reverted back to being the 5th Gym Leader.


  • Whats interesting to note is that Fantina's Haunter has two physical moves, despite being a Special Attacker.