Farm of Harm (Bowser Jr.'s Journey)

Farm of Harm is the 6th level of Dimble Wood and the 14th level overall of Bowser Jr.'s Journey. This level is infamous for Bowser Jr. abandoning Roy, in a mean spirited way.

You're selfish and rude. That's MY thing! - Roy Koopa

Why It's Harmful

Note: This page focuses on the story of how Roy abandons Bowser Jr. not the gameplay.

  1. This level is infamous for being too mean spirited for a children's game like this, in terms of story not gameplay.
  2. Bowser Jr. and Roy are out of character in this level, and it happens a lot.
  3. As usual, Bowser Jr. starts gloating about how the minions are "crawling with weaklings" and they are easy to defeat them. This shows how neglectful he is towards his minions.
  4. Roy answers back by calling him a "forest fertilizer" if he and the other Koopalings are not around is very rude to the leader, which leads to a heated argument.
    • He even calls him "wanna-Bowser" proving how he treats him like garbage instead of encouraging with respect.
  5. Bowser Jr. attempts to tell Bowser that Roy is gloating about his behavior, but he lashes out and says that he had enough of his cocky nature.
  6. Like what he did to Morton for calling him a "glory stealer", he calls Roy a "weakling" which is not a good way to say that since Roy is one of the elite member of the Koopalings.
  7. Roy calls Bowser Jr. selfish and rude, while he is right about the latter's behavior, makes him mean spirited even more.
  8. He tells Larry to "grow a spine" even though he and Wendy encourage Roy to calm down.
  9. Bowser Jr. attempts to call Roy out for his bad behavior, but Morton blocks Roy's way just to stop getting him into trouble, stating that Bowser Jr. should not protect himself.
  10. After Roy abandons Bowser Jr., he calls the other members "flakes" which is very rude and insulting since they would get mad at him for saying that in public.
    • He tells them that if they want to "flake" around when they get close to him, causing the others to get worried.
    • The slang term of flake means that someone who cannot trust things that others promise, meaning that Bowser Jr. never takes criticisms to the point that he gets away scot-free. Not even the other members of the Koopalings, especially Iggy, scold Bowser Jr. for his cocky behavior.
  11. Of all the Koopalings that appear in this cutscene, Iggy does not serve any real purpose here.
    • There is a missed opportunity that he should have scold Bowser Jr. for abandoning Roy, but he ended up looking at them being mean spirited.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Larry and Wendy are right about Roy getting mad at Bowser Jr. by stating to him that he needs to calm down.
    • They, Morton, and Iggy (despite being pointless) are likable characters in this level.
  2. Roy is also right about Bowser Jr.'s bratty nature.


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