Final Boss AKA Disco Ball (Face Raiders)

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You need to be an Ace to face this Face

The final boss of the 3DS built in game Face Raiders is found at the end of the 4th and final main level deep in space. This boss has qualities that makes it frustrating to fight.

Why It Sucks

  1. In the first phase your supposed to reflect its lasers back into one of the panels it uses to shoot said lasers, firstly the game never tells you directly how to do that unless you lose against the boss and see the tips screen in the game over selection.
  2. Even if you know how to damage this phase it's still frustrating and tedious as you need to reflect the panels and create a path to a turret, it has to be in the opposite direction the boss is spinning (I E if the boss is spinning clockwise you create a path counterclockwise) and as more turrets get destroyed (there is 6 in total) the longer the path has to be making it very easy to screw up later in the fight.
  3. Adding to the previous point in the last hit you need to hit all 6 of the panels in a very short time, due to the nature of the game (it uses gyroscope controls) you have rapidly turn in awkward angles to try and hit all the panels in the short time given
  4. The laser attack itself deals decent damage.
  5. After the turrets are destroyed it flies off and you need to chase it down while it shoots tiles at you, these tiles can deflect your shots and since it moves in all directions you have to go↑↓ and all around to get a chance to hit it.
  6. Unlike most bosses it fakes out after being KO'd and you need to search for it again, luckily it's very easy to find (go to lowest you can go)
  7. The last phase is practically a zero effort fight if you have good reflexes as all you need to do is to hit the boss a few times when it pops out of its afro.
  8. If you do hit the afro it's still a very damaging attack and if you die you have to start the whole level over again including the last 2 phases.
  9. Minor Point: The theme for the last phase doesn't fit as final boss music

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. The first phase (seen above) has a decent design
  2. While the aforementioned theme is unfitting of a final phase, it's still catchy in its own way.


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