Flame Hyenard/Lava Factory (Mega Man X7)

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Flame Hyenard is one of the 8 Mavericks of Mega Man X7, he is found in the Lava Factory and both are considered one of the worst gameplay parts in the entire Mega Man franchise, and the absolute worst boss of the Mega Man X games.

You're gonna burn alright, BURN TO THE GROUND!!!

Why They Both Should Burn To The Ground

  1. The stage is just a bunch of platforms over lava, making the overall design of the stage extremely lame and boring.
  2. The first part of the stage is an annoying 2D section with annoying flying enemies, extremely large robots that are hard to defeat, but the worst part must be the time bombs, that while aren't that dangerous to you, they are close to the Reploids, so when they blow up, they permanently kill the Reploids, possibly costing you a power up for the rest of the game, this forces you to speed up disregarding your own health, the worst part is that one of this reploids near bombs is close to an annoying spinning turret that shoots sonic waves and can't be destroyed and knocks you back if it hits you, so is pretty possible that you lose a Reploid, so if you want to rescue the Reploids you must be really on alert during most of the stage.
  3. The second part is an even worse 3D section where you must traverse through small circular platforms, in which you can find a lot of annoying airborne enemies, golems that take a lot of the platform, hydras and the same annoying sonic turrets.
  4. To make matters worse, the invincibility frames don't save you if you fall to the magma, this is made even worse due to the fact that the Reploids in the section are in extremely spaced-out platforms, and the heart tank is in an extremely narrow tube connected to one of the platforms, and it's extremely crippling due to the intense knock back when hit and the atrocious camera of Mega Man X7.
  5. By far the worst part is the boss fight with Flame Hyenard:
    • The fight starts with two clones of himself attacking you at the same time, while a giant gazelle mechaniloid shoots missiles over you, but no matter how much you attack them, they will not take damage.
      • The reason is that both of those are clones and the real one is on top a giant robotic gazelle which means that you must get up on the gazelle mechaniloid to even fight him, which is not easy due to how hard is to use the wall jump in 3D sections.
        • You also wouldn't know that you are suppose to get on top of the giant robotic gazelle to get to the real Flame Hyenard as the game never says anything about it unless you found out though Trial-And-Error or looked it up.
    • When you are on top of the mechaniloid, you will realize that when you are over it, is more slippery than an ice stage and has basically little to no friction making you slide everywhere without you not wanting, not helping is the fact that the mechaniloid is still moving around, giving you a lot of problems in fighting Hyenard, and possibly even causing you to fall off the mechanilid and into the lava.
    • Once you are on top of the gazelle, Hyenard will summon his clones and will spin around you forcing you to stay on the center, and while they spin, they will start throwing fireballs at you. After a while, all three will slide towards you at the same time, basically leaving you no choice but to take damage.
    • If you try to escape, all 3 Hyenards will tackle you at the same time forcing you back to the center of the stage.
    • Flame Hyenard's weakness is the Splash Laser, a weapon that if uncharged will do very little damage, which makes bringing Axl not recommended since he cannot charge, the best choice is using Zero's version of this attack, since it has unlimited ammo, but still it will take a long time to destroy Hyenard, that's without counting that the clones never take damage.
    • The most infamous part of Flame Hyenard is his hellish and constant screaming with an incredibly annoying voice, though out the WHOLE battle untill he is defeated, Flame Hyenard will scream "BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" during the entire fight, and he never...freaking...shuts...up! Hyenard's "Burn to the Ground" is so infamous that it has constantly been compared to Silver the Hedgehog's "It's No Use" from mh:crappygames:Sonic '06.
  6. The weapons that he gives you suck like most of the weapons in the game, circle blaze is just an exploding fireball that has barely any ammo, even Bakuejin (Zero's giga attack) is crappy since is just Zero punching the ground and causing an explosion, not only is really underwhelming but is also pretty useless in general due to the low damage it deals.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Changing the voices to Japanese makes Hyenard's constant screaming less of an issue.
  2. Flame Hyenard has a cool design.
  3. The Rookie Hunter mode in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 makes the stage a lot more tolerable.
  4. The music that plays throughout is pretty good.


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