Frank Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)

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Frank Tenpenny is a character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (or GTA: SA), being a central character, as well as the main antagonist and the final boss of the game. He's an officer of the group C.R.A.S.H., along with Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez.

Why he Sucks

  1. Frank Tenpenny is beyond wicked, even more than Lucien, Makarov, Lord Brevon, Darkrai, Herex and Vay Hek combined. In fact, most of the actions that he did has left a big mark.
    1. Despite what the unit claims to do (clean the State of San Andreas from crime), Tenpenny and the others that are in the group are extremely corrupted to the point of being worse criminals than the gangs they're against.
    2. When Ralph Pendelbury threatened Tenpenny, the latter lured him at the docks, and forced the new recruit, Jimmy Hernandez, to kill him.
    3. When Carl Johnson was on Liberty City, Tenpenny and his unit came contact into Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and Lance "Ryder" Wilson, and manages to get them into his cause. This action leads to the 2 betraying the Grove Street Families during the "The Green Sabre" mission.
    4. He organized to kill Sean "Sweet" Johnson, the GSF leader, with the help of a Green Sabre driven by the Ballas. However, this action backfires horribly, as the Ballas hired by Big Smoke accidentally killed Beverly Johnson instead of Sweet, the mother of CJ, Sweet & Kendl!
    5. Despite Hernandez having killed Pendelbury on Tenpenny's orders, the latter blames CJ for doing that, forcing him to do missions by their orders, as they have threaten him for a kill that they did.
    6. After Hernandez went to the Internal Affairs and told the truth, Tenpenny hits him with a shovel, and tells CJ to dig a hole, so that Pulaski could dispose the two men.
    7. Despite the stuff that he has done (racketeering, corruption, possession and use of narcotics and numerous sexual assaults), Tenpenny got acquitted. This causes the people to riot all across Los Santos.
    8. After CJ defeats Big Smoke, Tenpenny takes the drug money, and sets up a fire by destroying Big Smoke's Crack Machines, so that CJ would have been killed from the machines's blast. Notice how he doesn't care about his newfound acolyte's loss, even taunting CJ about it Sigma style!
  2. You (as CJ) do not fight him, but instead, you (as CJ) must chase him on a car, while he drives a fire truck. This is pretty sad, considering that Big Smoke, another main antagonist, did put a fight. And the fact that both Big Smoke and Tenpenny are in the same mission, leaves a bitter taste.
  3. During the section, Sweet will grab on the fire truck's ladder, and after a while, a policeman will go to him to remove his grip, so that he falls out the truck. If the player doesn't go near the truck, and the bar that indicates Sweet's grip is totally depleted, Sweet will die by falling out the truck.
    • This is not difficult to lose, but not easy either, as the game told before that hitting the truck would have hurt Sweet.
    • The most annoying part of the chasing segment is that your car, the Feltzer, while fast and invulnerable, has particularly sluggish acceleration, and one mistake and you'll likely be unable to catch up with Tenpenny's fire engine anymore.
  4. You can't shoot him and the fire truck, as they're totally invincible. Instead, you have to fend off the enemies that comes with cars or bikes.
  5. The missions that CJ must do by order of C.R.A.S.H., do only benefit them, as the targets are people that has evidence to testify against C.R.A.S.H.'s actions, or even key witnesses. In fact, following the seventh point of WIS#01, Tenpenny got acquitted, because the prosecution's witnesses got either killed by CJ under his order or went missing. That's right, the player, by doing C.R.A.S.H.'s missions, has unintentionally and inevitably made Tenpenny acquitted from those accusations.
    • Speaking of the missions, the only rewards that you get from them (respectively "Burning Desire" and "555 We Tip", even though that mission begins on CJ's San Fierro's garage) are a girlfriend (as well as the ability to get girlfriends) and the valet uniform to activate the Valet Parking mission, but no money whatsoever. Heck, even Wrong Side of the Tracks rewards you with respect (which gives the player the ability to recruit new gang members).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite all the stuff he did, he's an amazing villain.
  2. His voice acting and appearance, courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson, is fantastic. It's the perfect role for the perfect man at the perfect time.
  3. His karmic death is extremely satisfying, as he falls from a bridge, dies from the sustained injuries as he desperately attempts to call backup, and CJ points his right hand and smugly says "See you around. Officer." as a perfectly-timed call-back to Tenpenny's own line "See ya 'round like a doughnut, Carl!" in the game's beginning. Afterwards, the radio reports on his lifeless body being mutilated and cop suit stolen by the homeless, as if they're audience surrogates.