Frost King (Castle Crashers)

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If you guys want to fight an ice-theme boss, go battle the Crystal King from Paper Mario.

Frost King, also known as Ice King is an antagonist and boss fight of Castle Crashers. He's the main boss of the Ice Castle, the twelfth major boss, and overall the seventeenth boss fight of the game. He's one of the last bosses before the three final bosses and the final boss, Evil Wizard. This boss is infamous by fans for having a very annoying battle.

Why He Sucks

  1. The entire arena is covered in ice, meaning that you (and a partner if played along) will be slipping and sliding everywhere.
  2. Frost King will teleport around the arena,and due to the after mention ice physics, it can be hard to hit him.
  3. When ever Frost King teleports after an attack, he will laugh at you, and he never shuts up!
  4. Frost King's attacks are annoying and hard to avoid, due to the after mention ice physics.
  5. All of Frost King's attacks can freeze the knights, forcing you to shake the control stick left and right multiple times.
  6. When Frost King is at about half health, he will begin to use an annoying attack pattern: He will teleport to an area, summon icicles to rain down on you, then teleport away and laugh at you, rinse and repeat.
    • This attack is probably the most annoying part, as it gives the knights very little room to even attack him.
    • Making matters worst, is the fact that the more health he loses, the more faster the pattern goes, giving you less time to react if you decide to attack Frost King.
  7. Frost King has a lot of HP, with 5000 HP in the normal mode. And in the Insane Mode (which is the hard mode)? He has 50000 HP!!!!!
    • Thats even more than the final boss, who has 4100 HP in the normal campaign and 33600 HP in the Insane Mode.
  8. When you defeat Frost King when playing in multi-player, you must duel with your friend to see who gets the Princess. So if you lose, you basically get no reward after all that hard work you went through battling Frost King.
    1. Now to be fair, that's a similar case with both the Barbarian Boss, the Cyclops and the Evil Wizard, but because of how annoying the battle with Frost King is, and the fact the terrain is covered in ice, its just not fair.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nice music.
  2. Frost King's design is pretty cool.
  3. Frost King's defeat cut-scene is satisfying.


  1. Bring along a Yeti Animal Ord, as it will prevent you from getting frozen.
  2. When Frost King teleports to an area to laugh at you, do the charging sword thrust, as not only will it home in on Frost King, but it can also do decent damage.