Full Moon (Castle Crashers)

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Be ready to suffer a Full Moon of pain, critical damage and Stove Heads, because this level won't go gentle on you.

Full Moon is a level in Castle Crashers. This level is in the second half of the game, and can only be unlocked after defeating the boss of the water temple. The level takes place in a mountain-like ravine with a full moon in the background, and is the thirty-first level of the game.

This level has been infamous by players for its high difficulty, and not only it's considered by many as the hardest levels in the game, but also as the most time-consuming level on Insane Mode difficlty


Why are you ready to suffer a Full Moon of pain

  1. This level is a massive difficulty spike.
  2. The enemies that you fight are Stove Faces. Not only are they strong, but they have large amount of health. On Insane Mode, in fact, the normal one has 4000 health, while the beefy one has 8000 health.
  3. During the start of the level, there are boulders that will roll into you. Not only they can damage you, but they can limit the player's movement freedom.
  4. During the start of the stage, you will fight two waves of enemies, consisted of two normal Stove Faces and a Beefy one. It doesn't help that during those waves, boulders will fall as stated in #3, limiting your chance of surviving.
  5. Already at the start, you will face three beefy Stove Faces: The ones from the two waves, and the last one that throws the boulders at you.
  6. Stove Faces with Gladiator Sword are extremely painful, as they can inflict CRITICAL DAMAGE. Speaking of critical damage, on Insane Mode they will deal 900 or 999 of critical damage, meaning that they can oneshot you, even if you are an Industrialist or a Fencer (which, may we remind you, they are rank SS characters).
  7. There's a part where you have to fight a large wave of Stove Faces, some of them with the Gladiator Sword.
  8. The playable Stove Face is considered to be one of the weakest characters in the game (According to the Castle Crashers Wiki, only 7 points, which makes him a rank D character), which makes it infuriating if you were expecting him to be as broken as his enemy counterparts upon unlocking him.
    • It even comes with the Gladiator Sword, if the player hasn't unlocked it yet, but what's the point to unlock a character to get a sword, if you can get it from Stove Faces themself and inside the first hut? Even the Brute and the Killer Beekeeper drops respectively the Dual Prong Sword and the Rat Beating Bat, but they're justified to be unlocked, because they appear in only one place.
  9. It's the only place where you can get the Key Sword, and only with the Cardinal.
  10. Not much food, which forces you to equip the eagle as your animal orb and gather Health Potions.
  11. Stove Faces are heavy, limiting your air juggles attack.
  12. Characters with Bad Magic are nearly useless.
  13. No checkpoints in this entire level. If you lose, you have to restart the level.
    • To be fair, the other levels doesn't give you any checkpoint, and makes you restart from the start of the level. However, with that said, at least the levels didn't throw boulders at the start of the levels.
  14. Trying to revive the players can be a a pain, as there's too many Stove Faces that are trying to kill you.

5 Survival Tips that will help you Survive the Full Moon of pain

  1. Thankfully, in the next level, the Stove Faces are replaced with Eskimos.
    • Speaking of Which, the Stove Faces don't make there appearances in the Necromancer Room.
  2. The music that plays for this level, Dark Skies, is really awesome.
  3. Once obtained, the Key Sword will make you able to open the locked door in the ark, giving you access to a new animal orb.
  4. Boulders can also damage Stove Faces, which can weaken them.
  5. The level has a nice reference to E.T.