Gah-Goojin (The Wonderful 101)

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If you wanna know how wonderful this thing is, ask your mom.

The Gah-Goojin is a boss from The Wonderful 101. First appearing in the first stage of the second level, it reappears in the third stage after the Notoriyeah's defeat, but with the Cough-Foon for a right arm. It is the second and third boss of Operation 002: Blossom City Centre, the second level of the game, the second major boss and overall fifth boss fight of the game.

While not necessarily awful by any means, it has been criticized by fans for its high difficulty spike.

Why It Sucks

  1. You (as Wonder Red) just faced the Notoriyeah by that point, itself tough enough to likely put you in bad conditions before this fight.
  2. You will have a very few roster of Wonderful Ones to use strong Unite Morphs, so you will be using regular size Unit Morphs until a group of GDA Soldiers comes by overtime.
  3. It always flies above you, so you will be jumping a lot just to damage it.
  4. The main reason for its dislikability is because it's an escort boss. Yep, you've heared us right. In a game where you battle giant robots, there's an escort mission in which you have to protect the tower you're standing on while fighting this thing, easier said than done.
  5. Most of its attacks can be hard to avoid on top of crazy damage output. One example is when Gah-Goojin is about to slam its fist into the tower, you would think that using Unit Guts would stop that attack, but it will only stop it temporarily before crushing though them and damaging the player. Another example are the tower-damaging missiles fired from its head that you can't stop.
  6. The boss' actual health bar does not appear until you tediously destroy both the armor from the head, and then the spike armor from the head.
  7. It can also summon two Diedough-Goos into battle to pester you.
  8. First has the circular mid-boss health bar, about the same as a single boss health bar, in the first stage, then has six in the third phase and three bars of health in the fourth stage for a total of ten health bars, a lot of HP, such is an apprentice of Gruntilda.
  9. If the tower gets destroyed, it's game over, and as such you'll have to start the entire battle all over again.
  10. Despite being the main boss, you must refight the Notoriyeah all over again if you stop playing for the day since that's the "first part" of this boss.
  11. Despite the Gah-Goojin's overall late-game-like difficulty, it is the boss of the second level, providing a serious wake-up call for what's ahead.
  12. There's an identical rematch in Operation 005: Ogertoe Lost City of Lowrule as the first stage boss, but you protect a statue instead of a tower.

Redeeming Quaities

  1. Cool design.
  2. Solid music.
  3. Lots of funny moments in the battle, mostly involving the boss having things fall into its head.
  4. The way you defeat it is also really funny.
  5. There are some fans who actually like this battle.


  1. If you use a Wonder-Linner around the damage area in the tower, you can repair it.
  2. When you use the Unit Guts to stop the Gah-Goojin's hand, quicky use the Unit Spring (if unlocked) to get out under Gah-Goojin's hand, as not only will it prevent it from damaging the tower, but you can also avoid damage as well.
  3. When the Gah-Goojin is about to throw a giant tower piece at you, stand in the middle of the tower and use the Wonder Green's Unit Gun to shoot at it. You will know that as for a split second there is a small clear red circle in the middle.
  4. When a jet appears, use Wonder Pink's Unit Whip to grab the jet and avoid most of the Gah-Goojin's attacks.