Gargantuar (Plants vs Zombies Series)

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You need some Big Brains for these foes

Gargantuars are a recurring enemy type from the Plants Vs Zombies series, they are the largest and most powerful zombie types introduced, since their first appearance all the way in the original game they became infamous for their power and strength giving them unfair qualities:

Why It Sucks

  1. The enemy has mountains of hp, making them very frustrating and tedious to take down.
  2. They can survive instant kill plants, you need two of them to take a single one down.
  3. ts signature ability is where it can crush plants instantly, including defensive plants like Wallnuts. This makes a single one capable of destroying an entire lane if your not careful.
  4. At half health it tosses an Imp, a tiny and weak zombie type, Imps are annoying as they can eat deep into your defenses making your more valuable plants vulnerable.
  5. Certain levels (such as the more difficult survival challenges) constantly spam these zombies making those levels very frustrating.
  6. In Survival: Endless they gain twice as much health, these are called Giga-Gargantuars (can be differentiated by the red eyes). Making them even more difficult to take down.
  7. Plants vs Zombies 2 introduces other variants such as the Sloth Gargantuar which tosses three Imps instead of one, Jurassic Gargantuar witch have double health, Gladiator Gargantuar, who disables a plant throwing his imps and Hair Metal Gargantuars which can create a damaging shockwave.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The design is very cool looking, managing to convert something dopey looking into something genuinely intimidating.
  2. If you bring more than one instant kill plant they become somewhat easier.


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