Gate (Mega Man X6)

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At least he had a nice design

Gate is the formal main antagonist and penultimate boss (not counting the boss rush) of Mega Man X6. He's a Reploid scientist who was formally one of Alia's partners, before being corrupted by Zero's viral DNA, creating the Nightmare virus by decrypting 99.98% of the DNA.

This boss fight has been widely infamous for his difficulty, but for wrong reasons.

Why He Sucks

  1. The entire battle takes place on a set of small platforms above a bottomless pit, meaning that if you fall in, you go back to square one.
  2. X and Zero cannot damage Gate himself, as he has gold armor.
  3. In order to even damage Gate himself, you (as X or Zero) have to destroy his large energy shots and have them explode near him, which is easier said than done.
  4. If they managed, by some miracle, to destroy the energy balls, they will split into six smaller segmented energy balls, one of which can hit Gate to damage him. But there is one problem: the smaller segment energy balls also fires at your direction and most likely damage you or knock you off the stage.
  5. Sometimes the energy balls will miss Gate, forcing you to wait until he fires another energy ball.
  6. By the way, hope you like this idea, because you have to hit Gate with his own energy balls fourteen times!
  7. Sometimes, Gate doesn't fire the energy spheres, and instead, he flies towards X or Zero, like a slow energy bullet.
  8. The energy balls can also be a real pain. Not only are they hard to avoid, but depending on what color they are, they can cast really annoying side effects, these include:
    1. Yellow energy balls that can fire small energy balls at you.
    2. Green energy balls that can home in on you.
    3. Red energy balls that can slow you down and hinder your movement.
    4. Blue energy balls that can suck you in, and cause very awkward wall jumps.
    5. Purple energy balls that can summon Nightmare Virus.
  9. Gate can fire more than just one energy ball. This, combined with the platforms above a bottomless pit, turns this battle turn into a bullet hell boss.
  10. Very strict and frantic platforms.
  11. During the second half of the battle, Gate will unleash an attack that can destroy one of the platforms you're standing on, giving you very little room to dodge.
  12. Despite the overall frustrating battle (if you manage to be lucky enough to defeat Gate), It's revealed that he's not the final boss. Spoiler alert: Sigma (Yes, Sigma who Zero already destroyed last game!) has been revealed to be repaired by Gate, and is the real main antagonist of the game.
    1. Adding insult to the injury, Sigma ends up destroying Gate. Not only this was an extremely forced plot twist, as Sigma literally comes out of nowhere, but also ruins the idea of Gate being the main villain!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome music.
  2. Gate's designs (both his normal and golden armor mode) are pretty cool.
  3. Wasted potential, the idea of using Gate's own attacks as a way to damage him is a really neat concept, although not executed well by the strict platform and the bottomless pit.
  4. In the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, there is a new difficulty called "Rookie Hunter Mode", and it makes the battle with Gate WAY more easy as the pit is been covered up.


  1. Bring all the e-tanks full.
  2. The best weapons to destroy Gate's energy balls, are by far Magma Blade and Meteor Rain in the case of X and Shoenzan and Ensuizan in the case of Zero. However, it's important not to charge them with X.