General Kim (True Crime: Streets Of LA)

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General Kim is the main antagonist of the video game True Crime: Streets of L.A, and its final boss in both the good & bad endings (also obviously inspired by the late then-leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il). He is usually thought of as one of, if not, the hardest boss in the entire game.

Why He Sucks

  1. His punches and kicks deal huge damage, and he attacks constantly.
  2. On top of that, he's hard to hit due to his blocking most of your attacks, leaving little in the way of openings to strike.
  3. He dodges most of your special attacks without issue, while he can do them with just as much ease.
  4. On the good ending route, you get a hazard in the form of fire, which he tries his best to knock you in for extra damage. While you can fling him there, his AI does its best not to.