General Sargas Ruk (Warframe)

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Be aware: Sargas doesn't joke around.

General Sargas Ruk is the boss of Saturn in Warframe. He's the head of one of the Grineer's artifact extraction project, and the main boss of Saturn.

Sargas Ruk is notorious for being a very counter intuitive boss on pre-endgame.

Why He Sucks

  1. He's completely invulnerable to attacks, except for three weak points that will open for an amount of time after or even while he's attacking. However, the player won't know about that the first time they fight him, requiring more fights.
  2. He deals tons of fire damage, even at the point of nearly killing weaker or barely upgraded warframes.
  3. During the fight, Grineers will attack you, including Hyekka Masters that will also summon Hyekkas to give you trouble.
  4. In the arena, there are fire patches on the ground that inflicts heat proc status if you go near them. This can also happen with the red barrels.
  5. In the sortie, Sargas Ruk will be extremely destructive, to the point that he will easily kill every warframes (including the tankier ones), and like all other grineer bosses, will gain a lot of armor due to him being a way higher level than he usually is.
  6. Mandatory Fight: In order to reach the next area, Uranus, Sargas Ruk is required to be defeated.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has some amazing quotes.
  2. His design is very cool.
  3. He drops the parts of Ember, which is a good Warframe for dealing with infested enemies. Sargas also has an increased chance to drop more Orokin Cells, and can drop Split Chamber and Continuity, two mods that are relatively hard for a new player to get otherwise.
  4. In Sorties that forces one type of gun, and that features Sargas Ruk as the boss, Ivara, Titania, Hyldrin, Mesa, and even Excalibur, Baruuk, Valkyr and Wukong (although in Excalibur, Baruuk, Valkyr and Wukong's case it would be extremely counterproductive) can use their Exalted weapons to bypass that condition. Also, the Melee Only condition won't trigger on Assassination Sorties.