Get seal piece at Water Slums (Jak II)

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"Get Seal Piece at Water Slums" is a mission in Jak II. It is infamously regarded as the most frustratingly difficult mission in the entire Jak and Daxter franchise.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Krimzon Guards never stop spawning, no matter how many times Jak kills them, more will come quickly afterwards.
  2. There are too many enemies firing at you from all directions without a break and with no cover.
  3. If you (as Jak) stand still for more than a second, an air turret will shoot at him.
  4. The Water Slums have a very maze like design with many dead ends.
  5. If you try to jump into the water, a turret instantly kills you, forcing you to face the enemies.
  6. You (As Jak) only have 4 hit points! The mission is long and the enemies never stop shooting you (often off-screen too!) and there are no health pickups at any point. Because of this there's close to zero margin for slacking.
  7. As with most missions in Jak II, THERE ARE NO CHECKPOINTS! If you (As Jak) die at any point (even if you were right next to the exit) you're restarting the entire mission from scratch!
  8. Despite being one of the hardest missions in the game, it is located around the halfway point of the game in the middle of two very easy missions, this majorly offsets the game's difficutly curve.


  1. Keep spamming the Punch attack while moving, the punch thursts Jak forward enough to dodge the shots from the air turrets, allowing you to keep running towards the exit without having to fight the Krimzon Guards.
  2. Another way to beat this mission is to turn into Dark Jak and use his Dark Bomb ability to destroy the turret in the water that kills Jak if he jumps into the water. If you time it right and destroy the turret, you can just swim to the exit while ignoring all the Krimzon Guards.
    1. Keep in mind that you can't get Dark Eco during this mission so you must have the Dark Jak meter full beforehand.