Gill (Street Fighter III)

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Gill is the main antagonist and the final boss of the Street Fighter III series, noted as one of, if not THE most notorious boss in fighting game history due to his insane difficulty.

Why He Sucks

  1. Bonkers AI countering, blocking and parrying everything even on the lowest difficulty setting, giving him a nearly unpiercable defense.
  2. As a clone of Urien (his brother), he inherits his long range, only he's much faster, abuses his throws, uses elements in his projectiles (more on that in a bit) and trades the charge for rushdown, allowing him to spam specials as much as he wants.
  3. Heavy priority, in that his moves register much more often than the player.
  4. Depending on his position, he'll use fire elements to his left and ice elements to his right, both dealing high damage. His projectiles are also affected with Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis respectively, the former burning you and the latter freezing you, both good combo launchers.
  5. Speaking of projectiles, they have so much priority, they go through yours unless you throw EX projectiles. He can also shoot them upwards to anti-air you at will.
  6. In Third Strike He has access to all THREE of his supers when players can only use one, and deal disgusting damage (chip damage included):
    1. Meteor Storm: A storm of his projectiles raining down on the player Character. Fortunately, you can interrupt it by hitting him up-close.
    2. Seraphic Wing: Levitates to the center of the screen, sprouts angelic wings, and unleashes screen-filling shockwaves that, unlike Meteor Storm, you can't interrupt nor parry and deals an insane amount of chip damage.
    3. Resurrection: The main reason for his infamy. By having a full super art meter when his health bar is depleted, he resuscitates to full health! He also pushes you away during this move, so you gotta interrupt it with a super projectile, or else, you're screwed. In the first two versions, it's his only super, and will use it accordingly.
  7. He taunts you (read: laughs his butt off at you) the more you lose, like the game is mocking you for not beating him as intended. It also signals the difficulty has lowered in an insulting way. It's like Capcom themselves were aware of his cheapness and wanted to rub it in.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Psych Out, his theme song, is great.
  2. His attacks are pretty cool to look at.
  3. On the flip-side of WHS #6, he becomes easier the more you lose to him, humiliation be damned.
  4. Unlockable in most iterations, and a fun time by his broken nature.
  5. Thankfully banned in tournaments.
  6. He's back as a playable character in Street Fighter V, and he has been thankfully balanced out, so playing as him is now fair and enjoyable.
  7. His voice acting in 3rd Strike courtesy of Lawrence Bayne (who dubbed his brother as well) is top-notch, and Liam O'Brien does a pretty decent job voicing him in V as well.