Goodman (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)

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Goodman is the true antagonist and hidden true final boss of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. Not only is he the hardest boss of the game (which is saying something), but possibly the cheapest boss SNK has ever created (which, even by their standards, is also saying something).

Why He Sucks

  1. Getting to fight Goodman in the PS2 version is a workload in & of itself as Arcade Mode is basically a survival mode with a time limit. To get to Goodman, you need over 8 wins, 6 D-assaults that connect, no bonuses (obtainable after either winning or losing a match) and over 50% average health. Fortunately in the Xbox 360 version, you only need the 6 D-Assaults and no continues before reaching him.
  2. If you think reaching Goodman is bad, fighting him is even worse. His style involves using his high-damage flaming whip & his purple flaming demon companion whom attacks depending on how Goodman uses his whip. These attacks are; a short forward jump in the shape of a fireball, turning itself into pillars of fire, and jumping really high to fall over you. These attacks are really annoying as it can cause cheap hits, but the worst part is that Goodman doesn't need to wait for the demon to come back to him and can start another attack with it basically anywhere and anytime he wants. Because of this, he basically spams the demon for the entire match, making getting near to Goodman a nightmare.
  3. Worst yet, this leads to times in which his pet attacks you from outside the screen, you receiving an attack from behind, and worst interrupting you while doing a super. There are ways to interrupt its attacks, but they are not very clear.
  4. Incredibly savage AI attacking you non-stop.
  5. Spamming projectiles from a distance is useless since he can use a reflecting shield (pretty similar to Rugal and Athena). Not only does it return regular projectiles, but also projectile-based supers, meaning your own supers can hurt you!
  6. His health bar. In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, you play as two characters of your choice. When changing characters during a battle, their damage (red part of the health bar) slowly refills up. Because Goodman does not have a partner unlike most characters, demon notwithstanding, the red part of his health bar automatically regenerates itself & faster than the other bosses (which are also lighting fast on their own), meaning you deal very little damage. Even Iori's super (one of the strongest in the game) doesn't do much!
  7. While Goodman only has one super attack, it's still quite dangerous as it makes him turn purple and make him even deadlier.
  8. Despite being a superboss, he is mandatory to defeat in order to view the endings.
  9. The demon's sprite is very corny. It looks like something out of an [adult swim] show.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Excellent theme song.
  2. The cutscene after the battle is pretty emotional.
  3. Goodman himself is an interesting antagonist, signifying SNK's fall at the hands of Azure/Eolith, hence his similarity to Igniz, so it's sort of understandable why he's so horrifyingly laborious to fight.
  4. As long as you continue, you can rematch Goodman as much as you want before you rage quit. Don't forget re-doing the criteria if you do so, though.
  5. He becomes playable when first defeated and, apart from the lack of regenerative health, is left intact.