Griddlebot (WarioWare: Move It!)

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It's better off to use kitchen tongs rather than using robotic arms for cooking or grilling

Griddlebot is Jimmy T.'s boss microgame in WarioWare: Move It! This microgame is infamous for its lengthy padding and excessive use of Pounce form.

Why It Makes Delicious Foods Burn

  1. This is infamous for its lengthy padding due to the purpose of focusing on waiting for the foods to reach their full meter.
    • Granted, other WarioWare boss microgames have lengthy padding, these include Level 3 Rainbow Juice from Touched!, Toilet Training from Smooth Moves and Gold, Drawbridge Dilemma and Safari Tour from Get It Together!, etc., but at least they are better than this one.
  2. It requires proper aim to flip foods, but grabbing them early or late will fail to flip them. Even Deep Fryer from one of Dr. Crygor's microgames has that purpose, despite being different, but at least it is much better than this.
  3. Using the Pounce form is a very bad excuse, considering that it only requires landing both Joy-Cons on the platform or the floor to initiate it.
    • However, they can also do that on their palms so that it is easier to control the robotic arms in grabbing food.
  4. People who do not like to kneel or have back pain can fail immediately, especially the 1st level.
  5. If one of the robotic arms has a low battery, it needs to recharge by releasing one of the Joy-Cons; which pads out game time even more.
  6. Another purpose is the foods have different meters to fill it, especially the 3rd level, which players will have to wait to grab and flip.
  7. When the foods fill the meter for too long, they will burn and lose the game. However, burning the food will take longer.
  8. The gameplay becomes worsen during the 2nd and 3rd level difficulties.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of having robotic arms as a purpose of cooking, grabbing, and flipping foods is a creative idea, but it is poorly executed.
  2. The setting and the music are good.


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