Grigor the Second (Empire Earth)

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Grigor the Second/Grigor II, a.K.a the Command Unit, is a character from the Russian Campaign of Empire Earth. Once a robotic bodyguard created by Dr. Alexi Septimus, Grigor the Second became the new leader of Novaya Russia, and he's the final boss of the sixth mission.

And this, my man, is why you shouldn't make an AI as the leader of a faction.

Why he Partially Sucks

  1. While at first glance, his introduction in the second mission and his promotion as the new leader of Novaya Russia in the third aren't bad (despite citizen's stirr about this decision), things starts to get nasty during the remaining missions:
    1. When Grigor II and Molotov convinces a chinese town to help them invade China, the former implies that the defectors would be executed after they assist him (with reasons that are still vague).
    2. He sends Molotov to steal and sabotate the Time Machine. However, Molotov dies from the radiations, forcing Grigor II to rebuild him as a cyborg-human hybrid.
    3. After Molotov manages to capture Cuba, Grigor II orders him to exterminate the remaining popolation, as the latter finds the people too big to control, but too small to find them as value to govern them. And when Sergei Molotov disobeys the order and defects (because the citizen of Cuba aren't a real threat), Grigor II threatens the general to not betray him.
    4. He manages to go back in time and convince Grigor Stoyanovich about his results, even labelling Sergei Molotov as a traitor.
  2. During two missions, Grigor the Second must not die, otherwise you fail.
  3. Grigor II's only method of attack is firing rockets, which doesn't do much against certain units.
  4. When you control him, he has 6000 HP. While it doesn't sound bad, Grigor The Second/Command Unit cannot be healed by hospitals or medics, instead having to rely on Apollos. Problem is, Apollo is a Cyborg unit that can only be unlocked in the Digital Age.
  5. During the last mission of the Russian Campaign, Grigor II has 35000 HP. Unless you use a nuclear bomber or destroy his time controllers, it will take a while.
  6. Grigor II/Command Unit doesn't have much range, meaning that he has to enter the range of towers or units that can shoot.
  7. Unfortunately, the unit cannot be accessed in normal gameplay, if not by editor.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite all his nasty actions, Grigor the Second is a memorable villain, being an AI that became a dictator and actually went back in time to prevent Sergei Molotov and Molly Ryan from thwarting his plans.
  2. Grigor II's design is very cool.
  3. Good voice acting.
  4. At least Grigor II revived Sergei Molotov, which is nice.
  5. His 200 attack is good enough to deal heavy damage on unupgraded troops.