Growing Strange (The Battle Cats)

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Growing Strange is a item-farming stage in the mobile game The Battle Cats. It is one of the only ways to obtain Elder Catfruit, upgrade items that allow units to get anti-Relic enemy abilities in their true forms. The stage is split up into 2 segments - the first, multitraited section, and a randomly selected continuation stage of only one trait.

Growing Strange is widely regarded in the BC community as one of the most annoying, frustrating, and grueling parts of the game because of how the levels makes it so difficult to obtain such a hard resource.

Why It Sucks

  1. The level consists of 1 or 2 enemies of most traits, the traits being Angel, Red, Alien, Floating, Black, Zombie, and Metal, causing you to have to account for all of those traits with only 10 units.
  2. The enemies themselves are also annoying by themselves, as well:
    1. Mr. Angel (Angel) - A fast peon with a chance to weaken your cat units, causing them to deal less damage.
    2. Ginger Snache (Red) - Another fast peon that does a decent amount of damage for being spammed.
    3. Berserkory (Red) - This dangerous red enemy has a devastating level 12 wave attack, which means that once it attacks, he unleashes another attack with the same damage that travels over 2600 range. Thankfully, this can be countered with a wave blocker unit, such as Octopus Cat, but that means that another one of your unit slots is immediately taken up.
    4. Maawth (Alien/Floating) - Maawth attacks with good damage from a distance and doesn't give nearly as much cash as its cousin, Mooth, gives upon death.
    5. Shadow Boxer K (Black) - This kangaroo deals large damage with a very short time between attacks, albeit with low-ish range. If unprepared for, it can shred anything to bits with pure DPS.
    6. Zory (Zombie) - Zory burrows under your units at the first chance it gets, and then rises up to hit your backliners straight in their faces. Can be very threatening if you let them deal too much damage.
    7. Pigeon de Sable (Floating) - The last peon of the level, this pigeon produces wave attacks like Berserkory, but they're only level 1, so they are not nearly as much of a threat. They also get hard countered by Octopus Cat, so that brings more reason to bring it.
    8. Heavenly Hippoe (Angel) - Heavenly Hippoe is surprisingly tanky, which can be scary if it remains in the front for too long, as your crowd control units will have a harder time dealing with all of the other threats.
    9. Metal One Horn (Metal) - Being a metal enemy, MOH only takes one damage from any attack, except from critical attacks. You could brute force it, that is, if you want to die, as MOH has ridiculous DPS and a decent HP for a metal enemy, meaning that a critical hitter is mandatory for beating the level, which takes another precious unit space.
  3. You don't want to concentrate on too many units of one trait, as if you do, then the enemies of other traits will make it much harder for you.
  4. So, you've finally beaten the level! Congratulations! You're still not done! After you beat An Elder Secret, the level described above, you have to go through ANOTHER stage to get the catfruit, and this is a randomly selected stage based on one of the traits that appeared in the level. So now, after using different units that are good against all sorts of traits, you now have to fight a level which half of your units will be useless because they don't disable the trait.
    1. Color of Blood (Red) - This level has Hackey, Professor A, and Capy, three scary red enemies that synergize amazingly with each other. Unless you have something to take care of Professor A in your lineup, then don't bother.
    2. Fear of Flying (Floating) - This features the Face, an extremely slow, tanky face, Li'l Bun Bun, a fast, high health peon with high damage, and Brollow, a bird who hits and flies like a bullet train. Thankfully, you should be using Octotpus Cat anyways, so this level shouldn't be that bad.
    3. Hearts of Darkness (Black) - The main threat of this level is Razorback, a speedy, tanky, and high damaging threat that gets even MORE damage at 50% HP. If you get this level without having Bombercat to freeze it, you might as well give up.
    4. Holy Wrath (Angel) - Another contender for the worst level, this one features Winged Pigge - an enemy with high health, DPS, and the ability to weaken anything that isn't immune to deal 10% OF WHAT THEIR ORIGINAL DAMAGE IS. This alone makes the level a nightmare, as it makes anyhting that gets hit by it, which is not hard to happen, basically useless as a damage dealer, so unless you bring something with either weaken immunity or plenty of range, you're doomed to fail.
    5. Galactic Threat (Alien) - This features several backliners - Elder Sloth and multiple Ursa Majors - and Scissoroo, an enemy with lots of close range damage. This level isn't that bad unless you can't deal with the several Ursa Majors that build up.
    6. Clash of Steel (Metal) - By far the hardest level, this only features metal enemies - you know, the trait that can only take one damage except from critical hits. The level should be easier to compensate then, right? No - this level has Sir Metal Seal and Super Metal Hippoe, two of the most fearsome metal enemies in the game, and based on the fact that you probably only have one or two critter units for a level that practically requires a whole LINEUP dedicated to it, there's pretty much no hope.
    7. Seas of Death (Zombie) - Most zombie enemies have a gimmick where they can revive after a certain amount of time - some respawn once, others infinitely. This level features not one, but TWO infinitely reviving enemies - Zamelle and Coffin Zoge. This means that you need a unit that has zombie killer to kill them so you can pass, otherwise, you can't win. Since you don't need a zombie killer in the first stage, it's unlikely that you brought one, especially one that can keep up through Zamelle's DPS at a huge range.
  5. And after all of that pain to get it, you get... an Elder Catfruit Seed. To make an Elder Catfruit, you need 5 SEEDS, meaning you have to do this 5 TIMES for a singular fruit! Don't forget that there's quite a few units that need Elder Catfruit to true form, including some ubers, Slapstick Cats (one of the best anti-relics in the game), and every legend unit that you got from Stories of Legend, meaning you have to endure this hell dozens of times.
  6. Don't worry, though, there is a chance that you could get an Elder Catfruit straight away!... at a 1% chance.
  7. Worse still, Growing Strange is only available for two hour portions everyday, apart form weekends, which there are two two hour portions. This makes it annoying to try to adjust your schedule to play the level, especially if you can't make the period for the day, as you need to play this level a LOT.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are certain units that are must-haves for beating the level, which makes making your lineup a little less complicated.
    1. Octopus and a critter unit is almost mandatory.
    2. Bombercat eliminates all challenge in Hearts of Darkness because it can stall the Razorback with ease.
    3. If you're lucky enough to have something that curses angel enemies, Holy Wrath comes much easier, as you won't have to deal with Winged Pigge's devastating weaken debuff.
  2. That feeling of getting your first full Elder Catfruit is one of the most satisfying things in the game, as you've gone through hell and back for something with so much power. that feeling gets worse with each one, however.
  3. What's even more satisfying is when you get that 1% chance of getting a full fruit, meaning you can true form what you want right away.
  4. Ubers that target all traits shine in this stage, such as Orbital Platform Armageddon, Spectral Goth Vega, and every Uberfest uber, as they can deal with each trait (except usually metal) very well.




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