Gruntilda Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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How could this spirit be? King Dedede can't be a witch, Bayonetta can.

Gruntilda is a Legend-Spirit match segment in Banjo and Kazooie's spirit board for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which pits the player character against a King Dedede, and three Dr. Mario AI. While not hatable, it is not well-received for its wrong AI choice and lack of platforms.

Bad Qualities

  1. It makes no sense that the main AI is King Dedede instead of Bayonetta, since the main AI is supposed to be have Bayonetta, not King Dedede, as both characters are witch, leading many fans disappointing.
  2. They are no platforms on Find Mii stage as it is just omega form stage with poison floor, meaning that you would've been easily killed at the start.
  3. The three Dr. Mario AI are just spamming the B special move, as they loves to spam as the projectiles.
  4. Even if you decide to bring Madama Butterfly to turn the poison into a Healing Factor for you, the King Dedede's raw attack power alone can smack down your health faster than you can be healed, making it pointless.
  5. You have to fight a pointless stamina match against a Giant King Dedede with a permanent Star Rod that hits like a truck and is aided by three low-health Dr. Marios.

Good Qualities

  1. To be fair, Bayonetta don't have overweighted. So they chose King Dedede instead because of the obese appearance and the greek skin, but still.
  2. The skill "Poison Power Up" is unique. Instead of dealing damage or heal them for poison attacks, it increases the power, defense and speed.
  3. At least it is no longer timed.


  • Pick a Spirit that has Poison Immunity or Poison Heals.


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