Gyorg (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

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Your gonna need a bigger fishing rod, when going up against this thing.

Gyorg is a boss fight of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the N64, and its remake on the 3DS. It's the boss of the Great Bay Temple and is overall, the third boss fight of the game. While nowhere near as hated as Morpha, this boss has been disliked by fans for its qualities.

Why It Sucks

  1. This boss fight is tedious: First, you (As Link) have to stun it with an arrow (or with Zora Link's Fin Boomerangs), transform into Zora Link to dive down, and then damage him with Zora Link's electric barrier.
  2. If you don't get to Gyorg while it's stunned, it will get up without warning.
  3. The hit detection for this boss is terrible, as you (as Link) will mostly likely get damage by Gyorg's hitbox as you attempt damage it with your electric barrier, or might possibly miss your chance and then get damage.
  4. Very crappy camera, as it never faces Gyorg.
  5. Gyorg can charge into the platform to cause you to trip to the water.
  6. If you're in the water for too long, Gyrog will eat you and cause damage.
  7. Gyorg can also jump on the platform and attempt to eat you.
  8. Gyorg can do a lot of damage, as his chomp attack can take away two hearts. That might not sound so bad, but you must remember that you will most likely only have eight to ten at this point, so you can only be hit four or five times, or three if you just collected the bosses' Heart Containers.
  9. In the second phase of the battle, Gyorg will spawn many Paranas in the arena, and they are incredibly annoying, as they can stun you.
    1. It also starts off with an incredible cheap cut scene, the reason being that it makes you stop swiming, so you better hope that your not near Gyorg when he does this, or ease you'll get chomped.
  10. Much like the Great Bay Temple, you must dedicate as much in-game time as possible when battling Gyorg. Even worse, since the game focuses on a certain mechanic, if you are forced to use the Song of Time to return to Day 1, then you will have to go though nearly the entire Great Bay Temple to fight Gyrog, or the whole entire temple if going for 100% completion.

3DS version

  1. The battle with Gyrog in the 3DS version is too simplistic, all you do is shot arrows as it swims and then also shot an arrow at the weak point located in Gyorg's mouth during the first phase of the battle.
  2. Gyorg's weak point is highly obvious, even the weak point itself (which is actually the eye of Majora) is quite literally shaped like a target.
  3. The camera is at its worst in the 3DS version of this fight. Due to how its always position behind Link's back, there is a highly possibility that Gyorg will strike you by either leaping at you or by knocking you off the platform without you noticing it.
  4. In the second phase of the battle, Gyorg will sink the platform your standing on, forcing you to be in Zora form during the rest of the battle.
  5. Gyorg will act like a complete coward in the second phase, as it will run away from you, if you get too close.
  6. The Paranas that Gyrog summons are far more annoying as they spawn out-of-nowhere.
  7. In order to damage Gyorg in this phase, you must detach a nearby mine as Gyorg trys to suck you in, causing it to blow up in its mouth and revealing the weak point to damage it. The thing is however, you will not know that, as the game never tells you that, unless you found that out by either trial-and-error when battling Gyorg or looking it up.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Gyorg's design is kind of cool, while it is just a giant fish, it’s a huge improvement from the likes of Morpha.
  2. The arena is really cool.
  3. Great boss music, even though it shares the same music that previous bosses have.
  4. Once you get the pattern down, this fight is not all that bad.
  5. The way Gyorg is defeated is admittedly funny.