HM Moves (Pokémon)

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HM Moves are moves that Pokémon can gain access too, from Gen's 1 to 6, they are a requirement to beat Pokémon.

Bad Qualities

  1. They are require to progress though the game, making them mandatory.
  2. The HMs can be a problem due to their moves
    1. Some of the HM moves, such as Cut and Rock Smash, are very weak moves.
    2. The Flash and Defog HMs do nothing in battle. In fact, your typical HM slaves like Bidoof or Sentret can't learn these moves meaning that there are two HM slaves required to progress.
  3. In many incidents, your stuck to either removing a useful move from one of your Pokémon, decreasing your move sets or decreasing your team by one/two in order to make room for an HM Slave.
  4. Unlike regular moves, HM moves can not be deleted unless you have the Move Deleter.
  5. Pokémon Generation 4 and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are without a doubt the worst one, as it requires not one, nor two...but EIGHT HMs in order to beat the game.

Good Qualities

  1. Some HM moves are very useful, such as Strength (to some extent), Fly and Surf.
  2. Gen 7 and onwards (except Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl) thankfully got rid of the required HMs to beat the game.