Hammer Lord (Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash)

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Hammer Lord is one of the four roles in Team Kirby Clash and Super Kirby Clash, which represents the Hammer ability. However, it has its flaws. (Note that this is only talking about how it is, not judging it as a role).

When you thought Hammer was good, THIS came up. Even Keeby/Yellow Kirby is mad that Hammer Lord is horrible.

Why It Sucks

  1. Hammer has went from being a iconic powerful Kirby ability to a disgrace to the world. It makes Kirby so slow to the point that he can't run away from a boss when it runs at him, and EVEN GANONDORF OR INCINEROAR COULD BEAT HIM IN A RACE.
  2. It gives Kirby little to NO jump height, likely because of how heavy it is.
  3. Missed Potential: It is missing a move which is throwing the hammer at enemies, and also maybe respawning in Kirby's hand after throwing it.
  4. Of course, due to your low jumps, you can barely do any air attacks.
  5. The Hammer Flip, while being strong, leaves you wide open to attacks.
  6. Like most other weapons, the Hammer weapons are too overpriced.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is still strong despite it being slow.
  2. It has some moves that grant invincibility like the Hammer Spin attack.