He Who Dwells (inFAMOUS Second Son)

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He Who Dwells in pure frustration and agony.

He Who Dwells is an antagonist and boss fight of inFAMOUS Second Son, he is the alter-ego of Eugene, a young high schooler who was pick on in school before gain powers to summon angles, he serves as the main boss of Heaven's Hellfire, and is the third/penultimate boss of the game.

Since the game's relisted, He Who Dwells has been widely infamous for his high difficultly, and not only is he considered by fans as the hardest boss in the game, but also one of the hardest boss in the entire inFAMOUS series.

Why He Sucks

  1. Unlike previous bosses, He Who Dwells is constantly flying, making it harder to hit him.
  2. The entire arena is covered in lava, so if you land on it, you will take constant damage.
    1. On that topic, when ever you fall in the lava, Delson will monologue about the lava and how to get out, which gets very annoying to hear.
  3. He Who Dwells' main attack is launching out one of the two forms of projectiles, both of which are a pain.
    1. Energy Laser Stream: He Who Dwells will shoot a constant energy laser, which will not only do constant chip damage overtime, but its also hard to avoid due to the range of the attack.
    2. Energy Balls: He Who Dwells can also fire large energy balls, not only can they do high damage as well as destroy shields, but it can also cause knock back, and considered that the entire arena is covered in lava...that makes it worst.
  4. At time though out the battle, the platforms will sink down for no reason, limiting you mobility.
  5. Every time you finish a segment, you have to find another TV to re-enter the boss, making it a huge pace breaker.
  6. The third part of the battle is even more of a pain, as in this stage of the fight, the smaller angles will create a barrier that will prevent He Whop Dwells from taken damage, forcing you to defeat the angles, meanwhile He Who Dwells will take pot shots at you.
  7. He Who Dwells has a lot of HP, so this fight will take longer than it should.
  8. What's even more insulting, is that despite He Who Dwells' high Final Boss-like difficulty, he's a boss you fight Mid-Game!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He Who Dwells has a wicked and jaw dropping design.
  2. The music that plays is great.
  3. Incredible atmosphere.
  4. Eugene is a likeable character who has really understandable motives of being a villain.


  1. During the moments when He Who Dwells splits himself into multiple versions of the angles, shot at them, as it can do a great deal of damage at He Who Dwells.