Heat Stroke (Mario Party 5)

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Heat Stroke is a 1v3 minigame in Mario Party 5. it is often disliked due to how unfair it is to the team of three.


One player is floating from balloons with the other three players being on a stack of platforms which the solo player must hit with a hammer to eliminate the other three in order to win. The team of three has to survive until either time runs out or the solo player runs out of platforms to knock away by jumping when the solo player gets ready to hit the platform they are on.

Why It Sucks

  1. The minigame takes place on the Sun. In real life when you go to the Sun, you'll burn into a crisp and die.
  2. The reaction times are near impossible to fully determine to avoid getting sent flying.
  3. The solo player is capable of performing a fake-out swing to trick the other three into jumping too early, which makes it more likely they will get eliminated.
  4. After a certain number of platforms are knocked away, podobos start appearing on the platforms which will instantly eliminate any player that touches them, and it is very possible for a player to either jump onto one when avoiding the whack or having a podobo fall on them.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. There is satisfaction to be had when winning on the team of three and watching the solo player get burned.