Herex (Spiral Knights)

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It's disappointing, when an intimidating villain doesn't make enough appearances.

Herex is a boss from Spiral Knights. He's an ex-member of the Crimson Order, and is also known as "The Whispering Venom".

Why it Sucks

  1. While Herex is not hateful and bad like Lucien, Mitsuo, Jasper Batt Jr., and Makarov, and not as nasty as Brevon, Darkrai or Vay Hek, he still did some actions that made him look like crazy.
    1. He created a bio-toxin called Toxoil, a slime enemy that has the same power of an Oiler and a Toxigel. However, Herex closed Compound 42, and sent Gremlins to burn down and destroy the facility, and kill the engineers that was not part of the inner fold, as the Toxoil managed to develop a large intelligence that was beyond any bio-toxins.
    2. He betrayed the Crimson Order to help The Swarm, a mysterious entity jailed in the Cradle's core without any reason.
    3. He launched an attack at the Haven's laboratory, stealing the artifact in the process.
    4. He sent assassin to kill other Gremlins as well. This is hinted by the fact that Warmaster Seerus mistakes the Spiral Knights for assassins that were sent by Herex.
    5. He frees The Swarm from its prison.
  2. During certain missions, Herex is mentioned, but you do not fight him until the mission 10-2, Shadowplay, which is a sad thing.
  3. Despite being nicknamed "The Whispering Venom", Herex doesn't have any attack that deals the poison status. Also, he can be poisoned.
  4. The dual green spinning blade that are hovering near Herex doesn't do anything. They're just for decoration.
  5. Herex himself plays like a normal and simple Ghostmane Stalker: He can hide and attempt to attack the player by surprise, however the player will notice that an invisible enemy may be near them, as the Warning Mark will betray his attempt.
  6. During his boss fight, you have to deal with Isotrodes, Blech Bunnies, Sick Puppies, Poison Knights, Toxic Mortafires, Darkfang Menders, Darkfang Thwackers and Darkfang Demos. Problem is, the Gremlins (which includes Herex), are weaker against the Shadow Damage.
    1. To add insult to the injury, this boss fight only applies if you do the mission Shadowplay, which has UNDEADS. And don't forget that you can't change your equipment during the last level, so good luck.
  7. In the last mission, Dreams and Nightmares, Herex will disappear, and will never appear again.
  8. Herex's true motives and whereabouts are unknown. We'll never know when and how Herex met The Swarm, why did he betray the Crimson Order and helped The Swarm and where he's now, as the developers stopped making Rank Missions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His appearance is pretty good.
  2. While Herex doesn't have many appearances, he's intimidating.
  3. Herex is the only NPC that is actually a threat for the Spiral Knights.
  4. At least you fight him during the mission Shadowplay.