High / Maximum Amount Price or Reward

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Can't get more self aware than this!

High / Maximum Amount Price or Reward is about a videogame item or reward requiring a huge or maximum amount of in-game currency to buy or achieve a bonus reward like an unlockable sort of item or secret.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's possibly the most obnoxious way of getting something in a game, as the chances of NOT having to grind to have the required currency are pretty much unexistent.
  2. Any of those called rewards might not be even worth all this effort to get.
  3. No matter how fast is the way to grind, hours will be spent just to finally reach it.


New Super Mario Bros. 2 - even made as a form of official advertisement, the game has a secret in the main title screen for players who reach 9.999999 coins.

Tokyo Extreme Racer 3 - this one especially has a glitch which makes the 100% impossible to get in NTSC-U versions of the game, see this page for more details.

Super Mario Odyssey - the base game already had the skeleton costume, not only that, the updates not only added many new expensive costumes but also another costume which require maximum amount of coins.