Hitman (Saints Row 2006)

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Hitman (Saints Row 2006)
Killing someone on the hit list shouldn't be this time-consuming.
Type: Activity
Appearance: mh:awesomegames:Saints Row (2006)
Franchise: Saints Row

NOTE: This will only talk about the Hitman activity in Saints Row (2006), as the Saints Row 2 version is better.

"In a crime simulation game, I love the idea of being a hitman. I love the sketchy dossier you receive so that you know which areas to stalk out, who to hunt, how the client wants the target to die, it sounds so exciting. How could this possibly be so terrible? Three words: spawning system, bitch." ― Flippy, Saints Row 1: Hitman & Chopshop

Hitman is an activity from the original Saints Row game. It involves the playable character being given a dossier with a list of targets and their whereabouts in Stilwater by a client, who wants those targets killed with a specific weapon. If a target is killed, the player earns cash and respect, the latter of which is required to activate story missions. Killing all of the targets on the list rewards the player with a unique weapon.

Unlike many of the game's other activities, the Hitman activity (along with the Chop Shop activity) can be done individually in the open world or even during other activities and story missions, and isn't split into levels, meaning the player can choose to do the Hitman activity whenever they want, and it doesn't end until the player kills all of the targets on the list.

While many activities in the first Saints Row are either hit or miss, Hitman was the activity that received the most criticism due to how reliant it was on the player's luck and randomized target spawnpoints.

Why It Sucks

  1. The instructions are very vague, as the dossiers only give the player the information on the target's appearance, which weapon to kill them with, and an approximate location of where they might be in Stilwater.
  2. The targets' spawnpoints are randomly generated, meaning that finding a specific target to kill can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, making the activity completely luck-based.
  3. Some hit targets will never spawn in a district that the dossier tells you to look in, as they may spawn in a different part of the map, something which the game never tells you.
  4. While the location of the target doesn't matter, the weapon to kill them with does. It is mandatory to kill a target with a specific weapon to earn cash & respect, for example, killing Thomas (a dockworker in the Airport hit list) with a baseball bat. If the target is killed with a different weapon, it doesn't count.
  5. Even if the player does have the correct weapon to kill the target with, the target may sometimes despawn for no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Upon completing a hit list, the player is rewarded with unique weapons that do more damage than other weapons found throughout the game, and they have free ammo refills. Furthermore, completing every single list rewards the player with the Platinum RPG, along with a discount for all weapon purchases.
  2. The idea of the Hitman activity sounded good in theory, but it was horribly executed.
  3. The Hitman activity was improved in mh:awesomegames:Saints Row 2, where it dropped the random target spawnpoints, along with the requirement to kill the targets with a specific weapon and has more clear instructions on how to lure the targets out.


  1. Do the Hitman activity as soon as possible, and make sure you have enough money to buy the necessary weapons to kill the respective targets.
  2. Call a taxi service to fast travel to any store in Stilwater and advance the in-game time, steal the taxi and drive around the block until the target spawns. If this fails, repeat the process until the target eventually spawns.
  3. There are 3 out of 24 targets that can be summoned directly:
    1. Jackie, one of the targets on the Chinatown hit list, is an ambulance driver. Call 911 to have an ambulance drive up to refill your health, and if the driver is Jackie, kill her with the VICE 9, a pistol which should be readily available after the prologue.
    2. Bill (an FBI agent on the Chinatown hit list) and John (a SWAT sniper on the Airport hit list) only spawn during very high police notoriety. Snipe John from the police helicopter with the McManus sniper rifle at level 4-5 police notoriety, and kill Bill with the K6 Krukov rifle when he shows up at the maximum police notoriety level.


  • This activity was removed from the German version of the game due to the country's censorship laws.



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