Ho-Oh Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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If you want some fiery difficulty, then play THIS.

The Ho-Oh Spirit Battle is a Legend-Spirit match segment in the spirits mode of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which pits the player character against a Charizard AI. It is disliked and considered one of the worst spirit matches for its high difficulty.

Why It's Not Lit

  1. Charizard has unlimited curry instead of sometimes, which is annoying and stupid.
  2. Charizard is near impossible to hit without taking damage.
  3. Charizard's attacks do brutal damage, making it have a brutal A.I.
  4. The stage this battle takes place on, Kalos Pokémon League is cramped making it a bit too easy to miss an attack on Charizard and giving little room to breathe.
  5. Sometimes, his curry breath can hold you in place for getting hit by much worse attacks, like his Side Special.
  6. Not only that, the fact that explosion and fire attacks are not as effective as they used to be on this spirit means that characters like Roy would be bad ideas to use.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Spirit itself is worth sparing from the unbearable pain considering it gives an additional midair Jump, which is a good ability.


  1. Pick up + use Spirits that have a franklin badge and fire/explosion resist, mostly notably the franklin badge as it helps reflect the curry since the super spicy curry is a projectile item.
  2. Wait for the blaze chamber to come up then, put Charizard on the left or right corners of the stage + Keep it there, right before the the fore walls containing fire come up higher, though it is very hard to do so due to above reasons.


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