Iblis Form 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)

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(Note: This list will primary talk about Iblis' second form)

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Go fight Iblis in it first and third forms, they are way better.

Iblis is the secondary antagonist and boss fight of Sonic The Hedghog 2006, it is a giant lava monster with three forms and is part of Solaris. In both stories he is the main boss of Crisis City and Flame Core, is third boss in Sonic's story, the second boss in Shadow's story, and is both the first and later the fivth and final boss of Silver's story.

While Iblis in both his first and third phase has been decently praised by fans for its uneck battles, his second form on the other hand has been disliked by fans and is often considered infamous along with Shadow and Silver from the same game as bosses, fans dedicated on who's the most infamous.

Why He Sucks

  1. Iblis second form is a worm, which is really ironic considering that his first form previously was a giant four armed lava monster.
  2. The Majority of the fight is just you waiting until Iblis summons pillars in order for you to get to the purple orbs in order to get Iblis's attention and stunning it allowing Sonic and Shadow to damage it, it is both tedious and boring.
  3. Most of the time Iblis will just attack you instead of summon pillars, which just wastes time.
  4. All of Iblis's attacks are very slow and easy to avoid.
  5. The camera is very poor, as it will often not focus on Iblis, causing Sonic and Shadow to not see any incoming attacks.
  6. Everytime Ibils is attacked, you are forced to watch a really long cutscene as Sonic/Shadow fly up to the air and back on the ground, it takes roughly 30 seconds just for them to get back to the battle, and it gets annoying, fast.
  7. Due to how long it takes to even beat Iblis, it can be frustrating when your trying to go for the S Rank.
  8. Just like the case with Silver, Form 2 Iblis has to be fought twice, as both Sonic and Shadow.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While really ironic, the design of Iblis in his worm form is cool looking.
  2. Great music, even tho it plays for all three forms of Iblis.
  3. Iblis is down in four hits.


  1. There is a much quicker way to beat Iblis, and that's by having the Purple Gem, as not only can it shrink you, but it also gives Sonic infinite jumps, so you can use it to get to the orbs much faster.