Immobilizing Status Conditions (Pokémon)

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Immobilizing Status Conditions are status conditions featured in the Pokémon series, as the name applies, they are Status conditions that will prevent the Player Pokémon from doing anything.

Prime Examples

  1. Paralysis: An Electric-type Status Condition that will not only make the Pokémon move slower then the foe's Pokémon, but will also on occasion make the Pokémon not move in a turn.
  2. Sleep: A Status Condition that will put the Player Pokémon to sleep, making it not attack for a few turns.
  3. Freeze: An Ice-type Status Condition that will make the Pokémon not move until the Freeze Status is gone.
  4. Confusion: A Status Condition that will sometimes make the Player Pokémon hit and cause damage to them-selves in a turn instead of attacking the Pokémon.
  5. Infatuation: A Status Condition that will also prevent a Pokémon from doing anything due to it being in love with the Pokémon of the opposite gender.
  6. Poison: A Poison-Type Status Condition that causes a Pokémon to damage over time even outside of battle.
  7. Burn: A Fire-Type Status condition that makes a Pokémon lose a set amount of HP every single turn and would have its damage dealt be halved for physical moves.

Why They All Suck

  1. As the first five implied, they will prevent your Pokémon from attacking, making the battles very tedious.
  2. They last for quite a number of turns.
  3. Depending on what Status you have, it can cause a number of problems.
    1. In the case with the Paralysis Status, it will make your Pokémon move slower then the posing Pokémon as well as make it lose a turn.
    2. In the case with both the Freeze and Sleep Statuses, they will make your Pokémon not attack for a series of turns until they wear off.
    3. In the case with Confusion, it will cause the Pokémon to damage themselves.
    4. In the case with the Infatuation Status, it will make your Pokémon not attack due to it being in love with the opposing Pokémon's gender.
    5. In the case with the Poison and Burn Statuses, they cause the same thing as confusion, but the Poison status condition does it more than the burn and confusion statuses as it also does its part Outside of battle.
  4. Unless you have potions to get rid of the Status, after the battle there is no way to remove the status condition unless you traverses all the way to the Pokémon Center, making things very tedious.
  5. The Paralysis, Confusion and Infatuation Status are so annoying, that can can also interfere with moves, even if the Pokémon use two-turn moves such as Dig, Dive, Fly and ect, it will interfere.
  6. In Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, there are Audino which can give you a great deal of EXP, but the thing is, not only do they have Attract, which will cause the Infatuation Status, but they also have Secret Power, a Physical Normal-type move which not only does damage, but can cause one of the many Status moves.....including the Sleep Status, this can be quite troublesome if your grinding.