Intensity 9.0 Challenge (SSB4)

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The Classic Mode Intensity 9.0 Challenge is a challange in Super Smash Bros. Wii U (also known as SSB4), and is arguably one of the hardest challenges in SSB4. It requires you to beat Classic mode at Intensity 9.0.

Why It Sucks

  1. There's a new difficulty spike in this: if you fail once, you're screwed, because if you try to continue, it will cost you coins and reduce the Intensity level by 0.5 everytime. This is quite possibly one of the harsher things to happen in a game.
    1. Granted, this is a kids game, so the lowing of the difficulty to make is easier makes sense... But in a game where players wants to 100% this game, that's not right.
  2. The whole thing is a really big and difficult marathon where the AI is really challenging.
  3. If you get a pair battle, it's actually a 2v1 because your partner will barely do anything, and you might get yourself kicked if you're not careful.
  4. The final boss (Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and eventually Master Core) is essentially a marathon of several forms.
    1. Also, the Wii U version adds Master Fortress as well.
  5. It costs you 2220 coins per run, so unless you win, you're not going to get anything back, and as such, you'll have to grind coins.
  6. Also, check out the variant that has you win without losing a single life, OR the variant where you can't use any custom moves, let that be patient, in a game were it introduces a Custom Smash, which is supposed to make it easier for Players, the developers demand you to complete with out using Custom moves.