Iron Fortress (Sonic Forces)

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Iron Fortress is the 28th stage in Sonic Forces. It is infamous for being very difficult in an otherwise easy game.

Why it Sucks

  1. You play as Classic Sonic. With his strange physics and momentum, it makes the level much more difficult than intended.
  2. The level autoscrolls. This is not just bad on its own, but with how Classic Sonic controls, it makes it much harder to stay on screen.
  3. There is one section where you have to jump across numerous rotating platforms with their own gravity. Again, Classic Sonic makes timing these jumps very difficult.
  4. The level introduces an annoying enemy as well. It is a red box that shoots missiles that home in on you. While they can be destroyed, they are also capable of attacking from long distances.
  5. The final section has you running across a bridge while missiles rain down on it. You have to have very good timing to make it through without dying.
  6. Trying to do the achievement to speed run this level is a pain.

Redeeming quality

  1. The music is good