Jensin Bouton (Drag Race Demon Deluxe)

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Jensin Bouton is the final racer in the flash video game Drag Race Demon Deluxe. One good look to the right should be enough, having the best stats and all that envious stuff, but there's more than meets the eye regarding this champion. Buckle up. We're going in.

Why He Sucks

Comprasion of Jensin Bouton's wheels with the player's fully upgraded wheels.
  1. His huge wheels accelerates very fast, leaving the player little to no chance of overtaking him and claim victory, even if their car is fully upgraded and by using the nitrous, creating a humongous difficulty spike.
  2. The player can't grow their wheels the size of his own wheels, breaking a major rule in the game and outing himself for the cheater he truly is.
  3. One of the game's achievements, 10 Up, requires winning all 10 races without losing once, is made nigh-impossible to obtain even when using hacked versions of the game thanks to this chump.
  4. While the player's acceleration is very fast on its own, Jensin's is even faster, so they'll still diet on his dust in the end. Countless ends, in fact.