Jumping (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

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Jumping is one of the Sub-Games featured in Kirby's Dream Land 3, it is similar to the main levels' Goal Game and is only available after finishing MG-5 with a perfect score.

The mode is about Kirby alone or with one of the animal partners doing a jump, the places with a happy face are the safe ones, while the places with a Tick ends the mode, while not the max score, 10 rounds are required for 100% completion.

Pre The True Arena era used to have something else!

Why It Sucks

  1. The timing for the jumps are annoying to learn and easy to miss, to the point where, the less safe places available, more frustating the Sub-Game becomes.
  2. Animal Partners don't make this mode any better at all, instead of using their abilities they only have a small impact on the timing.
  3. After a few rounds it goes to the point of having only 1 safe place available and does not raise again unless the mode is over.
  4. The way to unlock it might be hard or annoying depending on the player's performance, because no mistakes are allowed in MG-5 to unlock Jumping.
  5. A rather weird reward for 10 rounds score, it unlocks "?" in the save file which shows the bad ending of the game (even if not being the REAL ending of the game it is an unlockable movie).
  6. Tick replace the angry faces from the Goal Game, but they don't really fit well with the happy faces even if they have their "innocent" look, and doesn't make this mode any different in gameplay so there is no point on making such change.
  7. Just like the minigames (outside of Story Mode) it doesn't allow Gooey to join.

The Only Redemming Quality

  1. The actual score for 100% completion isn't high.


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