KOTH Suijin (Team Fortress 2)

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Suijin is a King of the Hill community-created map in Team Fortress 2 set on a Japanese cliffside shinto shrine to Suijin, the god of water in Japanese mythology.

The map focuses heavily on rooftop combat and clipping is very lenient. One of the mottos when making this map was "clip only if you have to," so areas like the far off islands, the roof tops, hiding spots are free game.

Suijin was the first map made with the Japan Content Pack.

The map was initially created as an arena map, but it was the King of the Hill version which ended up being featured in the game.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is basically friendly to Snipers, since Snipers can get on the rooftops.
  2. The Southern portion of the map is pointless, as there is no reason to go there.
  3. There are lots of cliffs and there is a pointless island, which both can be abused by trolls.
  4. Soliders can get onto the top of the building where the control point is and spam rockets, which can be really frustrating.
  5. The theme of the map doesn't fit within the TF2 lore at all.
  6. Heavies and Pyros dominate the bottom of the Control Point Building, and so do Engineers.
  7. It is poorly optimized, which can lead to many lagspikes even on powerful rigs.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The map looks gorgeous.