King's Fortress 2 (Mega Man and Bass)

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Fighting the King plane.
Very brutal and annoying for a Mega man stage: with very tasking bosses, strict platforming, and enemies that have too much health.

King's Fortress 2 is a level in Mega Man & Bass, in both the Super Nintendo version and the Game Boy Advance version. It is the second and final level of King's Fortress and is overall the eleventh and penultimate stage of the game.

This level is notorious for its disgusting difficulty even by Mega Man standards, and not only is it one of the toughest and most fuming part of the game, but also one of the very hardest levels in the entire franchise, but for all the wrong reasons. Considering that this is from Mega Man's answer to Mario's Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, that's saying something.

Why It Sucks


  1. This level is actually 3 STAGES IN A ROW, and as if that wasn't enough, you must face a total of 4 BOSSES during the level. While short, they can still be tough no matter who you play as, or if you have the weapon they are weak to.
  2. This level as a whole is a complete marathon to complete.
  3. If you get a game over at any part of the level, even at the section before the Jet King Robo, you have to restart the entire level all over again.
  4. Even worse, if you turn off your game at any point in that level and even have a save, you'll have to retry the King castle back to level 1!

Why The First Section Sucks

  1. While the most straight-forward path of the 3, it's filled with enemies that are either bullet sponges, like the Gorilla bots that throw balls (Goriblue) and the rhino bots (Sidon), or small critters that are hard to hit and can pop out of nowhere like the worms and gators (Metrenger & Chrunchran).
  2. At the end of the section, you face King's Tank, which is really irritating due to the following reasons.
    1. The location of its weak points is very sporadic, forcing you to drop to the lower floor and attack it both from behind and in front since the tank is stuck on the upper floor. You can't be safe on the lower floor as its bombs produce explosions that go through the ground and its machine gun fires through the platforms.
    2. King Tank has 4 different attacks, all of which are a pain to avoid:
      1. Energy Lasers: From the red spear in the front King Tank can launch a series of energy lasers, not only do they fire at an incredibly high rate, but they can also do high damage.
      2. Bombs: King Tank can launch out bombs that can not only the damage you in contact, but can also release a wave at the bottom.
      3. Ram: King Tank can ram into you, doing contact damage.
      4. Toy Bots (Rompers): King Tank can dispatch those mini nuisances to trap you in place if they touch you, allowing him cheap hits with any of the 3 other attacks mentioned. Whats even more annoying is that they can steal your screws (currency in the game).
    3. The cherry on top: you can only attack it while the weapons are open which means exposing yourself to serious damage & enormous pressure. As a result, the boss fight can unnecessarily drag on for a while.
    4. Its weak points can be tricky to hit while dodging its attacks, especially the tank's head as it has a tiny window to hit it before it closes and you'll have to wait and avoid its other attacks again.
    5. For some unexplained reason, unlike the previous ten bosses, King Tank does not have a visible health bar being shown, so you'll attack it wishing it is defeated as soon as possible.
      • Now granted this would be fine if it was a mini boss, but King Tank has the same boss theme as the main Robot Masters, so it should have had a health bar being shown.

Why The Second Section Sucks

  1. Robots pop out of bottomless pits which can result in an instant kill by getting hit and falling. And they never stop spawning.
  2. The second boss is King Plane and even more annoying than the tank, due to the following reasons
    1. What's probably the most infamous part is the fact that the fight is an AUTO SCROLLING SECTION. Over a bottomless pit. With small moving platforms and the boss moves up and down.
      • If you play as Bass, then the gap between platforms in increased meaning you'll frequently have to use double-jump.
    2. On top of that, King's plane shoots streams of item-containing bubbles, usually health & weapon energy, but also flash bombs that blinds the screen for a second that can make you miss a jump and fall down the pit. Not only you must evade the flash bomb bubbles, but also not shoot them, which is easier said than done.
    3. King Plane's possesses two attacks that are a pain to deal with.
      1. Energy Beam: Fires a large clear red energy beam from its core, not only can that attack deal high damage, but it is unavoidable, you have to repeatedly shoot it until you break the red part that shoots the beam.
      2. Rocket Fist: Shoots 2 hands to shoot at you, perhaps the worst part of all as guess what; IT CAN CRUSH THE PLATFORMS YOU'RE JUMPING ON, again possibly making you lose a life.
    4. Its weak spots have small hitboxes, making them aggravating to hit and agonizingly prolongs the fight.
    5. Like the tank, it has no visible health bar being shown.

Why The Third Section Sucks

  1. It begins with a section with a small set of instant kill spikes.
  2. It has some really annoying platforming that forces you to use your special weapons.
  3. You fight 2 bosses at the end of the level, the first has 2 phases.
  4. The boss this time is King himself who starts using a shield that will counter attack with a laser every time he receives a shot.
  5. You cannot actually damage him. You must evade his attacks long enought until Proto Man appears and destroys the shield, which is quite tedious and you will not have any health restored.
  6. King also has an annoying attack when he shoot X shaped projectiles out of his belt.
  7. King's second phase can be really hard or really easy depending on what weapon you use. Using the Lighting Bolt, his weakness weapon, makes him a breeze but if you don't, have fun dodging all of his close ranged attacks as he never stops moving and jumping, unless he's about to use his axe.
  8. Immediately after that fight, you fight King piloting a combination of his tank and his plane called Jet King Robo, which is an abomination of a boss especially as Bass.
  9. Jet King Robo has only one weak point which is at the top of his head and is insanely hard to hit.
    • While Mega Man gets the assistance of a small platform that can give him the altitude necessary to hit King and makes the battle a lot more tolerable, Bass gets no help, making the fight for him a total nightmare (His having of 8-directional shooting & double jumping aren't enough)
  10. The attacks of Jet King Robo are also infuriating;
    1. Energy Beam: First he has the energy beam from King's plane, which can do high damage and is unavoidible unless you shot it enough times.
    2. Bombs: From King Tank he can launch bombs and drop them at you.
    3. Ram: Also from King Tank is an acceleration attack in which he tries to ram you to inflect contact damage, hard to evade as the dodging space is slim.
    4. Homing Energy Bullets: His other attack is sending a pair of homming projectiles that can hit you many times and don't dissapear once they are out of the screen, worst yet the projectiles themselves are really small and take many hits to destroy.
  11. As the cherry on top, the weakness of Jet King Robo is the wave Burner which is a close range weapon, this means that if you want to use it to hit King, you must with Mega Man do a really tricky jump from the platform, and with Bass, it basically forces you to do a tricky dash jump or using the Treble adaptor to fly and get close to him. If you die for whatever reason in the fight, you don't get the Treble adaptor's energy back and if you don't know how to do the dash jump, the fight becomes impossible to win.
  12. While this is the only part of the entire level with a checkpoint (aside from finishing a stage), this is nasty because if you die, you can lose the resources needed for the battle as you don't get the energy of the special weapons back and there are no E nor W tanks in this game, which might force you to get a game over and restart the E-N-T-I-R-E level again!
  13. If you die in any part of the King fight, you'll have to restart from the phase 1 of the fight and be forced to watch the cutscene again!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Stellar music as per the course of Mega Man & Bass.
  2. Imposing design on the bosses.
  3. In the beginning of each stage, there are tons of small enemies that you can use to farm out health and weapon energy, basically allowing you (As Mega Man or Bass) to try until they finish it. It's as if Capcom themselves knew this level was too punishing beforehand! Sadly, this stops at the checkpoint like they expect you to have everything you need for the fight.


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