Larae Barrett (Tom Clancy’s The Division)

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*Geez, what a sorry excuse for a terrorist leader!*

Larae Barrett is a major antagonist and the leader of a terrorist group known as the rikers.

Her boss battle is somewhat awful for its qualities

Why She Sucks as a boss

  1. In order to fight Larae Barrett, you have to first defeat two of her guards while avoiding a bunch of grenades she throws, which is both tedious and frustrating.
  2. Larae is by far the worst and sort of easy boss out of all the antagonists: all she does is just run around the entire arena and not even attack you from a far distance. The only time she will really attack you, is when you get too close to her, which shouldn’t be a problem at all!
  3. Just like most bosses in this game, Larae has a large amount of health so be ready for a long battle!
  4. Larae NEVER SHUTS UP during the battle. She always refers to the agents as “piggies”, and she keeps saying this quote “you think I came this far to die” or something like that!
  5. This boss pretty much comes right after Joe Ferro, who has way better attacks than Larae, the former being able to put up more of a bigger fight than her, despite being a bit slower.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Larae Barrett’s design is decent
  2. She has an interesting backstory about her and the Rikers.
  3. After you defeat Larae, you get a video footage of her and the rikers, and it’s sort of fun to watch
  4. The arena/place you fight Larae is pretty cool and clever too.


  1. Bring lots of medikits (if you can), because you’re going to need them.
  2. Try using any stronger guns you have in your inventory (they may be useful)
  3. Be sure you have enough grenades or any bombs as much as possible.