Lich (Enter The Gungeon)

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Lich is the final boss of Enter The Gungeon. Found in the last level, Bullet Hell, Lich is known to be the gungeon master, and the first one to actually dominate the gungeon itself.

Aside Treadnaught, and Agumin & Cannon (even if the latters are from the bullet's past), this boss fight is the hardest one.

The true test begins... But in a way that you'll never forget.

Why He’s Frustrating

  1. Unlike other bosses, which has one phase, Lich will have THREE PHASES. This wouldn't sound bad, but keep in mind that the bosses in Enter The Gungeon tend to fire lots of bullets.
  2. The boss itself can only be found in the secret sixth level, Bullet Hell, which is already difficult on its own.
    • To even access Bullet Hell, you have to kill at least the gungeoneer's pasts (except The Robot and The Bullet's ones). This means that before you can fight Lich itself, you have to get the parts that allows you to get The Bullet That Can Kill the Past.
  3. Lich has lots of health in all of his three phases (1995 in the first phase, and 2100 in the other phases), with a grand total of 6195 HEALTH, so you have to be extremely well-prepared.
  4. During the first phase, Lich will have attacks that can be difficult to dodge. These includes:
    • Large rings of bullets outwards, along with random scattered bullets that can screw you.
    • Six rotating spirals of bullets that can periodically change their direction of rotation, which can become less predictable.
    • A ring of bullets, which is split into normal and bouncing ones.
    • Four spreads of five bullets.
    • A single bullet that has homing abilities and is fast.
  5. Lich can spawn four Tombstoners as well, increasing the difficulty.
  6. The arena from the second phase is small, which limits your movement.
  7. During the second phase, you are prevented to go behind the Lich, as a wall of bullets will trigger, should you not return back to the bottom of the arena.
  8. In the second phase, Lich will have a new different set of attacks:
    • Lich will either pound the arena with one hand (sending out randomly scattered bullets and a wave of normal bullets off to one side, with many bullets that travel horizontally across the arena starting from the pounded side and smaller, flashing bullets that will disappear halfway across the arena), or both hands, which sends rows of bullets from both sides.
    • He can also open his rib cage, sending either rings of bullets towards the player, with few of the bullets in the rings travelling towards the player, or many waving lines of bullets.
  9. The last phase has Lich performing new attacks, which includes:
    • Firing a rocket made out of bullets that flies out to the side, which then flies towards the player while leaving many bullets in its wake.
    • Firing lines of bullets towards the edges of the arena and making them rotate at different and unpredictable speeds.
    • Firing lines of bullets throughout the arena, with several links breaking off towards the player.
    • Creating bullets in a gun shape, which are then fired the bullets towards the player.
    • Firing a boomerang of bullets towards the player that curves back towards the Lich himself.
    • Lich moving up and down the center of the arena, rapidly firing lines of bullets to each side.
    • Filling the arena with bullets (except for a small cone), then rotating them while a wedge of bullets sweeps across the safe area.
    • Spraying bullets above and below himself, while spraying waves of bullets to the sides as well.
  10. If you want to unlock the Gunslinger, you have to defeat the Lich as the Paradox. Problem is, The Paradox itself is unlocked by finding a cosmic rift and killing either the gungeoneer's past or the Lich himself.
  11. As the Gunslinger's past, you're forced to fight two Lich, one with The Paradox's effect that can fire jammed bullets.
  12. As with other bosses, Lich has a chance to be jammed, if you happen to have curse.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lich's design is extremely cool. That includes his other phases.
  2. Defeating him will unlock the Gungeon Blueprints (an item that will always show the entire map of all dungeons) and the Riddle of Lead, an S-tier item that fully heals the player, grants him a heart, increases damage, player speed and dodge roll, and has a 50% chance to negate damage when at 1 heart.
  3. Defeating him as the Gunslinger will unlock him and the Lich's Eye Bullets, an S-tier item that grants most weapon synergies without requiring certain items or weapons.
  4. Lich's defeat is very satysfying, as he is shot with The Gun That Can Kill The Past.