Lord Arktivus Brevon (Freedom Planet)

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An amazing villain, yet a dangerous final boss and 1-UP shredder.

Lord Arktivus Brevon is the main antagonist and boss fight of Freedom Planet. He's an intergalactic warlord with a thirst for conquest and destruction, which made him the sworn enemy of the chasers. After his warship, the Dreadnought, crashed on Avalice, he decided to steal the Kingdom Stone by forcing the other three kingdoms to declare war on them. He is the main boss of Final Dreadnought, is the fourth and final boss of that level and overall the twenty second boss and final boss of the entire game.

Lord Brevon is also infamous by the fans for his extreme high difficulty.

Why it Sucks

  1. While nowhere near as hateful as say the likes of Lucien or Vladimir Makarov, Lord Brevon as a character is beyond nasty, like Councilor Vay Hek and Darkrai, and more than Herex. In fact, he has caused so much chaos during the game, that he could be considered too dark to be an antagonist of a kid's game.
    1. He kills the King of Shuigang, which was also the father of Prince Dail and Spade.
    2. He brainwashes Prince Dail with his robotic AI Syntax, after killing the king.
    3. He brutally tortures Sash Lilac to force Torque to tell if there was any chaser left. But if one time wasn't disturbing enough, Brevon does it a second time, even if Torque was telling the truth, causing third degree burns to Lilac.
      • Also, he cuts Lilac's hair tendril. You can tell that, because during the cutscene, you will see a sort of tendril with blood at the end, you know, for kids!
    4. He turns both Serpentine and Milla Basset into monstrous mutants. However, if for Serpentine, we don't see how Brevon did that, we do see him dealing a sort of cut to Milla with his knife.
      • However, if playing as Milla Basset, the scene will change with Torque aiding an unconscious Carol Tea.
  2. By the time you manage to come this far, Syntax (the boss of the first stage of Final Dreadnought), Serpentine and Milla Basset (both mutated, and respectively the bosses of the second and third stage), as well as the traps and enemies of all the stages, may have took enough lives to leave you on a bad disadvantage.
  3. Even worse, before you fight Lord Brevon, you have to fight his ship, the Absolution, and then his Power Suit, which may be even more difficult to survive, since you won't get a shield.
  4. Unlike the fight on Battle Glacier the, Absolution gains new attacks, which might take you on surprise.
  5. While the Absolution isn't that dangerous, it has really powerful attacks, one of which is when the Absoultion flies to the background and charges at the player. That attack is unavoidable and will require either going up a ramp or use your ability to avoid damage.
  6. Brevon's Power Suit is pretty dangerous, as when he dashes to attack you, he leaves plasma fire on the ground, limiting your space. He can also take you unprepared by doing an aura attack that explodes into a burst of projectiles.
  7. After destroying the Battle Suit, you will be brought in a cutscene, where at the end of it, the boss battle starts again, which might take you unprepared.
  8. The fight against Lord Brevon is hard for the following reasons:
    1. Being the final boss, Lord Brevon has a wide variety of hard to avoid and/or devastating attacks. These include:
      1. Knife Dash: Lord Brevon will dash at the player in attemp to slash the player with his knife.
      2. Mines: Lord Brevon will create a set of three land mines that explode after a while.
      3. Laser Pistol: Lord Brevon has a laser pistol which he can aim at the player and fire a light blue colored energy laser.
      4. Grab & Throw: Lord Brevon can grab the player and throw him/her.
      5. Cape Sky Attack: Lord Brevon will spread his cap and fly as an attemp to do three dashes to hit the player.
    2. Most (if not all) of Lord Brevon's attacks can do crazy amounts of damage. An example is if he manages to hit you with the knife, which will take 3 health petals, tearing away a chunk of health. Also, his attacks has a different approach:
      1. When Lord Brevon fires from his laser pistol, the energy lasers will turn into lingering flames if they touch the ground.
      2. Brevon will throw the mines, depending if you are on the ceiling or the ground. Also, the landmines causes a sonic wave, so that they damage you, if not ready to jump.
      3. When the grab and throw attack doesn't deal any sort of damage, it makes the player lose momentum and leave him/her unprepared, as well as giving Lord Brevon more time and distance to attack you.
      4. When Brevon uses the cape attack, he's completely invincible, which means he cannot be harmed during that attack.
  9. If Sash Lilac or Carol Tea gets defeated on the final phase, Lord Brevon will obliterate them with the knife, and then laugh at the end. That's pretty disturbing.
  10. Being the final boss, Lord Arktivus Brevon has a lot of HP, so it will be a long battle.
  11. On Hard Mode, Lord Brevon is more vicious and dangerous. Unlike the other difficulties (Casual, Easy and Normal), where he has a a pattern (Knife, Mines, Throw, Laser Pistol, Knife, Mines, Throw, Laser Pistol, Cape), Lord Brevon will attack more faster, deal more damage, but most importantly, WILL USE A RANDOM ATTACK, AS HIS PATTERN IS NON-EXISTANT.
    1. This is a problem, as other characters that acts as a boss, aKa Prince Dail, Spade, Neera Li, Serpentine and Syntax, has a pattern on hard difficulty, which means Lord Brevon can catch you off-guard, as you think he has a pattern like the others.
    2. It's worth mentioning that even Neera Li has a different behaviour on Hard Mode, but at least she still keeps her pattern.
  12. Milla Basset is the worst choice, as she has less health (starting with 4 petal healths), compared to Sash Lilac and Carol Tea, which starts always with 7 health petals.
    1. However, while Milla Basset can use her Phantom Cube to create a shield that can deflect bullets, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea must go near Absolution, the Power Suit and Lord Brevon, which may cost health petals, or even worse, lives.
  13. Even after you defeat Lord Brevon, you won't get a satisfying conclusion of defeating him, as it's been revealed by Sash Lilac that he managed to escape after the battle, meaning that he is most likely going to return.
    • Also, to make matters even more infuriating, he won't appear in the upcoming sequel, Freedom Planet 2. So it is unknown, and beyond anyone's guess, when he will appear for a true conclusion or not.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the frustrating battle, Lord Brevon himself is not all that bad, in fact, he is a terrifying and intimidating antagonist, being able to change the tone of the game's story. Not to mention, he has such exciting phrases such as "What makes you so special?".
    1. Also as stated in the WIS#01, at least Lord Brevon is not as bad as the likes of Lucien and/or Makarov.
  2. If you lose during a boss fight, you will restart from that same boss. This means if you lose against Lord Brevon, you won't fight Absolution and his Power Suit, but skip to him.
  3. His design is awesome.
  4. His voice acting is pretty good.
  5. When defeated, Absolution and Brevon's Power Suit will give you health petals, in order to prepare for the next boss fight.
  6. Interestingly, Absolution, Brevon's Power Suit and Lord Brevon himself are the only bosses to have health bars, respectively the left column with green lights, the right column with orange lights, and an health bar styled after the original game.
  7. The final boss's soundtracks are awesome, including the beta one.
  8. After defeating Lord Brevon, Either Sash Lilac or Carol Tea will attack him once again by delivering a barrage of attacks, as to take revenge against to what he did to Milla Basset. While you won't get the satisfaction of kill him, at least you get to beat the crap out of him.
    • Speaking of Milla Basset, she will only fight Absolution and the Power Suit, with Sash Lilac delivering the final blow on Lord Brevon instead.