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Losing Animations (Mario Strikers Charged)

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Looks like many Mario characters in this game need a therapist.
It looks like Peach is gonna lose her fame and fortune when she loses the soccer match. (Bad example)
Is it time for you to eat your opponents like that, Petey? (Another bad example)
Oh, I give up! - Wario (And another bad example)
This is how you show sympathy Yoshi (Decent example)
Look at that face Luigi (Another decent example)

The losing animations are animations that appear when the opponent gains a score in Mario Strikers Charged. Each team captains have two losing animations (first one for sad animation and the second one for angry animation). These animations are infamous for their mean-spirited actions, though not all of them have those.

Bad Examples

  1. Peach (both animations)
  2. Daisy (both animations)
  3. Wario (both animations)
  4. Waluigi (second losing animation) - When Waluigi walks away, he quickly punches the camera after shouting "Say cheese!".
  5. Donkey Kong (second losing animation) - Donkey Kong slams the opponents down using his shockwave and stomps.
  6. Bowser (second losing animation) - Bowser breaths fire on his team while his sidekicks run around.
  7. Diddy Kong (second losing animation) - Diddy Kong throws a tantrum like a child.
  8. Petey Piranha (second losing animation) - While the sidekicks are running, Petey eats one of the sidekicks from the opposing team and then spits them out.

Average Examples

  1. Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Diddy Kong, and Petey Piranha (first losing animation)

Good/Decent Examples

  1. Yoshi (both animations)
  2. Bowser Jr. (both animations)
  3. Mario (second losing animation) - Mario gets mad, but he calms down afterward.
  4. Luigi (second losing animation) - Luigi makes an angry face while saying his name. He also clenches his teeth and twitches his face in his said animation.
  5. Waluigi (first losing animation) - Waluigi acting crazy when an opponent scores a goal, saying "Eh! look at me! Yeh! Oh!"

Why They Need a Therapist

  1. For starters, many of these animations can come up as mean-spirited, IN A KIDS GAME, and proves that they are sore losers, with the biggest offenders being Peach, Daisy, and Wario.
    • While this is excusable since Mario Strikers Charged has much more darker themes compare to previous Mario games, which explains why developers need them, even they had limits.
    • Wasted Potential: These animations had a concept where the captains could have make it much balance, with personalities being equal, but fails as they look like complete jerks or sore-losers instead.
  2. While this is not the first time having these animations, the first time to do so is Mario Golf, and unlike that, along with Mario Tennis, this one goes too far.
  3. Some characters feel like they threw a tantrum on someone who gains a score, which comes up as mean-spirited.
    • While some characters acting this way can be understandable like Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser and Petey as they are known for being sore losers, good nature characters like Peach, Daisy, and Diddy Kong have no reason to act like this.
      • Diddy Kong's Battle League losing animation shows that he did not learn his lesson from this game, showing that he threw a tantrum once again and this is a wasted potential as he could have been calm down like Peach did in that game.
  4. Plot Hole: When these animations are mean-spirited, how can they continue playing soccer? In real life, the referee will get a red card for violating any actions.
  5. These animations also started Peach's flanderization from being a stereotypical "mean popular girl" rather than her old self.
  6. While they look funny, they are completely violent and disturbing for the most part.
  7. Some of the animations can insult their sidekicks as well like Peach stomping on the ground while her sidekick cowers (in Birdo's case, she walks away) after blaming them, Daisy growls them for not doing anything, Bowser breathing fire on his team in pure rage, or Petey DEVOURING the opposing team's sidekicks while others are running.
  8. While most of them are mean spirited, some of the losing animations can be messed-up, such as Petey trying to eat one of the opposing teammates while the sidekicks are running and screaming (as mentioned before), and Wario's first losing animation where he say "Oh, I give up!" while holding a Bob-omb next to him, which in turn blows up in his face, thats right folks.....WARIO IS TRYING TO KILL HIMSELF OVER LOSING A SOCCER GAME!
    • And that's not all, he also kills himself by using a glowing metal soccer ball to destroy it in frustration during his second losing animation.
  9. It feels like these losing animations should belong to a M-rated game like Grand Theft Auto due to their violent nature, not something out of an E10+-rated game like Mario Strikers Charged.
  10. These losing animation can give out some really bad morals to Player who sees these animation should they also play a match of some kind.
    • The first of these stats that it's ok to throw a huge temper tantrum when you lose game.
    • The second states that if or when you lose a game, it's your teammates fault, and it's ok to blame your teammates and thrown a temper tantrum at them, as shown by Peach, Daisy, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Petey's losing animation when they cruel blame their teammates.
    • The third is arguably the worst, seeing as in the case with Wario (both) and Bowser Jr's (first) losing animations, you should hurt yourself if you lose a game of some kind.
    • The fourth one encourages people to cry when losing a game, which happens in Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Petey Piranha, and especially Yoshi's first losing animations, however, this one is not as bad as the other three.
  11. To make things worse, they use their themes for several losing animations, except for others like Peach (both), Yoshi (first), Bowser Jr's (first), and Bowser's (second) theme, which fits the arrangement well.
  12. Like the entrance, goal, and podium animations, this one has bad lip-syncing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These animations can be considered as "so bad, it's good" because of how bad they were.
  2. Despite how mean-spirited they were, these animations show characters some personality.
  3. At least there are a few animations that are surprisingly decent such as Yoshi, where a sidekick tries to comfort him, and Mario where he calms down after getting mad.
    • And this also shows that while Mario is frustrated that he's losing, he has the ability to calm himself down rather than getting angry or lashing his anger out on his teammates.
    • Luigi's second losing animation is a reference to his Death Glare meme, which causes other players to get happy about him.
  4. It can be funny at times, such as Bowser Jr. kicking the goal post, which causes him to hurt his foot, and Luigi making an angry face while clenching his teeth and twitching his face.
  5. Mario Strikers: Battle League improves the losing animations in the game so that characters wouldn't act out.
    • Speaking of Peach's losing animation in Mario Strikers: Battle League, after she says "Oh no!", she gets angry, but then she immediately calms down afterwards, which goes to show how she massively redeemed herself in the game.
    • Daisy does slightly improve herself in Battle League where rather than giving up after crying, she continues playing, despite how poorly-written this animation was.
    • Pauline's losing animation in Battle League is well-written, since it shows that she will gain better luck next time after her short disappointment when an opponent gains a score.



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